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Monday, October 26, 2009


Riley is a two and a half year old Rottweiler-mix. She is, by far, the most affectionate dog imaginable. She touches our faces and lives on our laps (whether we want that or not) at a firm 65lbs. Since the news, she has been undergoing some training she is not happy about. No more jumping at me when I walk in the door and no more laying across my stomach. She is highly confused.

Cami is a 1 year old Boxer-mix. We bought her as a wedding gift for ourselves. We knew we would want kids in a few years and dogs can occupy their time better with two. They entertain each other. Obviously, God had different plans (earlier than expected) but Cami is sweet and loves to please. I think she'll take the training and new limitations well. She doesn't have many thoughts other than following her sister and PLAY!

They have been our whole world for so long. We're nervous about how well they will take the attention sharing. They have a hard enough time sharing us with each other. Just one more fun adventure!!

We also have two cats from my younger years. Greg is allergic so they mostly live in our basement. It's a nice place for them and they have each other. Their names are Jazz and Java. They're about 8 years old. My family were never dog people. When Greg and I got Riley, my whole perspective changed! I thought I was a cat person but MAN was I wrong. Our cats think they're dogs for the most part. They're cool!


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