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Monday, March 30, 2009

Valerie and Greg

Bear with me while this page is under construction...much more to come!

P.S. The title of this blog isn't a story about how Cole began as someone pointed out. I'm assembling the story of Greg and I and our journey so far but, for now, just know that Greg only summoned up the courage to ask me out because I made the very bold move of winking at him in our college hallway after weeks of him not taking subtler hints. He later admitted he was too chicken and that, had I not winked, he would never have talked to me.
There are many many cute stories and details of how we began but this should explain the title until I can finish our story and get it uploaded.
Greg and I were married in March of 2009 after 5 years of dating. He is my other half and I have had the most blessed life. There are tons of good, funny and embarassing stories to come but here is a bit for now.

We took a fantastic cruise through the caribbean for our honeymoon!

We love planning the things we want to do with our home. Its a first for both of us and we were lucky enough to get to build an amazing home together. I dream about fences and hardwood floors and paint while he dreams about an awesome garage and gaming rooms with surround sound. We're still trying to find the balance. A little give and a little take. We're learning.
All of those worries got thrown out of the window when our little surprise came along. Cole Michael was born 15 months after our wedding and has been the greatest adventure of our lives!

We have two dogs that, though not our only babies, are still front and center in our hearts!


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