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Monday, November 23, 2009

Nine Weeks 11.21.2009

Nine Weeks

Not much to report. Starting to see a real bump below the belly buttom (and below the bloat). That's exciting. I have just donned my first maternity bra. Much more comfortable than I anticipated. Nausea is almost gone but I'm guessing that's because I stopped taking prenatal vitamins 4 days ago. I have been supplementing with my normal multivitamin and taking Noni Juice and Toddy Juice shots (those are packed with more vitamins and minerals than an elephant needs....apparently). I have my next appointment on Wednesday where I'll be able to hear the heartbeat and start discussing birthing options and testing. My theory is, I'm not going to consent to a dangerous test for the baby when I wouldn't terminate under any circumstances anyway. So I'm going to save myself the headache. I have an awesome support system in my home and with our families so if something is wrong, I'll have help tackeling it when it happens.

As far as baby's progress, it now has facial features. It has graduated from embryo to fetus this week!!! Heart is thrumming away (at 156 beats per minute at our last ultrasound). Brain is all in place!!


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