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Monday, December 28, 2009

Fourteen Weeks 12.26.2009

I loved when my account on switched to a 2nd trimester title this week!!! (it tracks my progress by due date). Aahhh!

Baby is cooking quite nicely!!! The nausea is lessening in tiny increments day by day. Peeing has gone from 6 times to between 2-3 times per night! Energy level is doing a little better (and, man, it sucked to realize that my coma has yielded a scarily, crummy house). Neglect. As it is the week of Christmas, things were worsened by scraps of wrapping paper dragged around the house by our dogs and dishes in the sink from cooking things to take to the many Christmas festivities. All to be remedied tomorrow!!

For Christmas, I mostly got non-baby items but I did get a few I must share. My mother-in-law bought us the crib bedding set I love so much and guess what... It is totally cuter in person!! There is actually quite a bit of yellow and multiple shades of blue in it that I couldn't see from the picture online!! Adorable!! I also got the video camera I was hoping for and 2/3rds of the money I will need to buy the awesome camera I have been dreaming about. Theory is, I'd like to be a pro with it by the time the baby comes!

Here is a tiny tidbit you may find interesting! I swear I felt the baby moving. Tiny little kicks that I could only describe as flutters. That is the perfect word for it. I wondered what a flutter would feel like until I felt it....then the word matched perfectly!! I was sitting and wrapping the present for Greg from baby for Christmas (cartoons for them to watch together {Greg's favs from his childhood}) when I felt a sensation like a butterfly's wings tapping lightly and sporadically just above and to the right of my pubic bone. Only lasted for about 30 seconds from first bump to last but it was real. It drew an emotional response in me but I didn't want to get excited over something that may have been intestinal. I, of course, have the pregnancy constipation thing going on so I doubted the sensation. Then, 15 minutes after eating a handful of cotton candy (craving) around midnight in bed with Greg--reading "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy--there it was again. Same feeling as last time, lasting same length of time and same intensity. I had just been relieved of the week long constipation spell the day before so I knew it wasn't related to that and I've been lucky not to have gas so I didn't doubt it this time! It was magical and wonderful!! I know 14 weeks is early but my mom swears she felt us all by 14 weeks. Some of us she felt earlier. Most women say they feel it between 15 and 17 weeks but I am finding tons of women describing the exact same sensation as I have that have had multiples and know what to expect more. So, I love that my baby is active and mobile!

Development front: Baby has begun thumb sucking, toe wiggling and peeing this week. Go figure! Baby grew .7 oz in the last week alone. Seeing as how it is only 1.5 oz at 14 weeks, that is a ton of growing in a tiny amount of time. It's also pushing 3.5 inches!! So cute!

P.S. I know a lemon is smaller than a peach but they are only using a lemon because of length. It has not, in fact, shrunk! I promise!


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