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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sixteen Weeks 1.11.10

Sixteen Weeks

So guess what!!! Baby can hear this week! It is just beginning to pick up voices. Also, it has eyebrows and eyelashes and tastebuds! That totally explains why baby goes nuts after a popsicle or other sweet is consumed.

I'm starting to get more energy. The other day, I had emptied out all of the kitchen cabinets, cleaned them and was organizing things back into them before I realized what I'd done. No complaints here! I like my kitchen so much more now! I even organized so well that I have an entire cabinet now open for baby bottles, food, bowls, etc. I really am itching to get started on the nursery but I can't do it without Greg's help (heavy lifting to clean it out). He is so busy and stressed with this Best Buy trial coming up that I don't want to bother him.....though he's napping right now.

Did you know I'm supposed to register in February? All books and timelines say you register in the 5th month of pregnancy. Wierd, huh? I think thats a little early but I like the excuse to go check things out! Honestly though, if you think about it, baby showers (traditionally) take place in the 7th month and some people might like to shop as soon as they get their invitation so I guess I can see how it makes sense. Just an FYI, I think my showers will be taking place in May so Stacie (my big sister) can be here.

Anyway, here is the food of the week:


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