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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twenty-One Weeks 2.17.2010

Twenty-One Weeks

Wow! Sorry it's been so long. I slacked off the last couple of weeks. Not a whole lot has changed in the baby department though. I'm showing a little more now; though, it still looks like a small beer gut most of the time. Baby is kicking away and I swear I felt a back or butt move across my belly the other day. It was way too big to be a foot and it moved slowly. The last two days have been the most active yet. I don't think he has stopped moving for more than 10 minute increments at a time. I feel (and see) jabs on my right side one minute, then on my left the next. He also experienced the hiccups for the first time this morning. The consistent tempo is what woke me up, I think. They were less intense than the normal jabs. Kind of a light, rhythmic tapping.

I have had some dizzy spells that are bothersome. I tried the compression stockings as the doctor instructed but they didn't do much but bruise me. I tried upping my iron intake as my friend told me helped from her experience. It has worked pretty well so far. It helped reduce the frequency and intensity. Hopefully, I can kick these soon. If not, she wants me to start taking my glucose a few times a day. Fingers crossed.

Here is what TheBump had to say about baby's development this week:

I guess we're supposed to walk away with the length on this one, not the width. I hope he's fatter than a banana. He at least will be since we're his parents! He is gonna love himself some food.

Apparently I have 127 days left...wierd. Baby gulps down several ounces of amniotic fluid every day for both nutrition and hydration along with getting in digestion practice. He can taste everything and is already developing preferences for what he'll like outside of the womb based on how much he is getting of tastes inside.


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