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Monday, March 22, 2010

Twenty-Seven Weeks 3.27.09

Twenty-Seven Weeks
Sorry I didn't post last week. I guess I got lazy and time slipped away from me. Nothing really happened though.

Here is my 27 week belly picture.

I wake up in the mornings and my belly is small. Not much at all. Definitely not a woman less than 10 weeks away from being full-term. Then, after I eat my first meal, it pooches out. It gets increasingly poochier throughout the day until, at the end of the night, I look extremely pregnant. You can see below the difference 12 hours makes. I think it looks totally different. There is a real bulge up near my ribs. I guess the dress wasn't the ideal outfit for this experiment.

You know you have a belly when..... your belly hits the skillet you are cooking with on the stove and you wind up with a burn the size and shape of a quarter on your bump. Now I'm paranoid he's gonna come out with a birthmark and I will forever think it was burn damage.
I have officially hit my third trimester!!!!! Baby is still the size of the eggplant through these last two weeks and through next week. He is over one foot long and probably over two pounds by now. He's already got that cute, pink glow! His eyes are formed and he's practicing blinking! He gets the hiccups all the time. I also think he is starting to run out of room. He went through a phase where he was active and swimming all day long. I'd feel bumps every few seconds here and there non-stop. Now, his movements are more of a wave that travels across my stomach as he rolls and each 'kick' I feel throughout my entire ute. My ute is supposedly over 12 inches tall now. His movements, best as I can describe them, feel like a bubble that fills that 1ft space pops suddenly. I feel it on all sides.
Braxton Hicks are still going strong. I get one every time I get up to pee in the night or following any sudden movement.
If baby were born today, he would have an 85% chance or better of surviving!

  • How far along? twenty-seven weeks

  • Total Weight gain? 3 lbs as of my last appointment 3 weeks ago

  • stretch marks? thank God, none yet

  • movement? Tons...right now in fact. I'm double dutying (word?). Typing this and catching little bits of movement on video. He kicked tons on our first try!! He's a show off!

  • food cravings? still tons of tomatoes. I have really only craved anything/everything fresh like strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, celery, etc. I guess that is why she had to put me on this high-fat diet. I wasn't eating enough....though I've been eating more food a day than I ever have pre-preg. Now I'm getting to the point where I am wanting anything anybody mentions. We were at Red Lobster for our anniversary dinner last night and the table behind us was talking about Bob Evans sausage. I found myself wanting that more than the incredible meal being cooked for me. Gggrrr. Another prego blogger called it the "see food diet" but its really more of a 'hear food diet'. I hear it and I want it. Crazy! Greg is having fun with this phase.

  • belly button- in our out? it is definitely on its way out. It was always a deep innie but now there is part of it that definitely sticks out. Gross.

  • maternity clothes? when I go anywhere I usually throw on a maternity top because I still think that I just look bloated most of the day. It makes it more obvious. In the afternoons/evenings I def look preg (see above). I'm still wearing my normal jeans with the be-band holding them up. I can still get them zipped a little bit. And DEFINITELY the maternity bras. No doubt about that.

  • annoying tidbits? I have officially hit the point of strangers touching my belly. I always thought women exaggerated about that. NOPE. It's totally true. Since when did my torso become public property? If I know you, I could not care in the slightest if you rubbed all over this Buddha belly but a stranger at a restaurant.... C'mon

Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday, the nursery all got painted!!!!!
Today, the dresser got delivered!!!!!!
Not much more to say other than pure excitement!!!!!


blue wall


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paint Color Pickle

We are having a difficult time deciding on a paint color. It is amazing how daunting paint is. It just seems so permanent because if you get the wrong color, you're either stuck with it or forking out a ton of money that could have been avoided.

We've narrowed it down to two color choices. I am going to get those sample sizes in each and see what they look like later. I just had to vent and see if it helped make the decision clearer for me.

Here are the things to consider:
1. the bedding has a particular color range and if you travel too far outside of it, the whole room will feel chaotic
2. there is tons of natural light as we have two big windows
3. there is going to be A LOT of dark brown wood in the room which may make the color feel heavier (crib, hutch, dresser, rocker, brown rug on floor, etc.)
4. the carpet is a beige-like brown
5. what if the color is not soothing enough to entice one to sleep/makes him angry
6. the room is huge. it's like 16x21 or something like that
7. I am just plain crazy

Here is the blank canvas:

The first photo is truer to the color. I took 1000 pics and none would process the color correctly.


The green is not lime green. it's more of a sage


Cami wanted to help!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twenty-Five Weeks 3.14.2010

Week 25 comes with a whole new fruit comparison and it will last until week 28.
Also, new this week, a hugantic-ginormic belly! Came outta nowhere!

Hindsight, I really should not have worn that shirt. I've heard it makes me look way bigger than I am. It doesn't show the insane amount of sway-back I've got going on. It just makes me look HUGE. But you get the general idea. And it all showed up this week, really. Last Sunday, at church, my friend who just had a baby, was so surprised at how small my stomach was. Then, this week, she simply said "woah". All within a week, I tell ya. My back and stomach muscles can attest to the changes undergone in this last week. I splurged and bought myself one of those Shitasu massage pillows for my back. It is wonderful for lower-back pain!
Hindsight #2, I really need to start putting on make-up and doing something with myself for these pictures. No one wants to see that. I'll work on it! Right now, I just have to take Greg while he's home, no matter what I look like.

My 24 week appointment was great! I have officially gained 3 pregnancy lbs. She still wants me to stay on the high-fat diet as most women have gained between 15 and 20 lbs by 6 months. Honestly, only gaining 3 lbs is a wonder...what with all of the Taco Bells and ice cream spots available. I can definitely feel my appetite kicking up though so I'm sure she'll be even happier at my next appointment. Also, she found the heartbeat almost the second the machine touched my stomach. I didn't really believe that was him at first because she usually has to root around for a minute before finding it. So, heartbeat is strong, kicks are strong and weight-gain is on. All in all, a successful 24 week appointment!

Hopefully, (if I can get Greg to the store with me), this week will mark the official start of the nursery. I'm hoping the dresser gets delivered this week and Greg and I are going to pick the paint. My bestie, Steph, is on spring break this week (she's a teacher) and is going to paint with me!!!!! I'm praying for a pretty day so we can fling the windows open wide. I'm not allowed to paint, otherwise. It has to be well-ventilated. I checked 2 books and numerous websites and they say its okay to work with most paints as long as there is tons of fresh air circulating. I'm overly cautious so if its above 60, I'll probably turn on the attic fan for good measure and just throw on a sweatshirt. Fingers crossed!

So, to sum up... week 25 = fat shirt pics, weight gain, strong heartbeat and start of nursery decorating!!! More to come soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nesting 1

I have come to the conclusion that I started nesting without realizing it. At this moment, the house is very nearly perfect. No laundry, sweeping, filing, organizing or anything to do. Also, I'm getting down to the deep things and tearing them apart just so I can reassemble them. I didn't realize it had hit until I looked around today and realized that I didn't really have much to do. There isn't even one dirty dish in the sink! So, I decided to start tackling some wedding photography editing. It's only been a year; why not get started on it? I also played with my new camera and took some pictures of a few of my keepsakes as well..but that's all for another posting.
I organized the baby things we've gotten. I put bathroom things in the closet, bedding things in the crib, clothes in one box to be washed when I get some baby-safe detergent and another box for all random things we've received like stuffed animals, diapers, formula, etc. It's weird what you get in the mail when you become pregnant. I don't know how they are finding us to send us this stuff but I'm grateful. Formula was odd, though.
It's funny. I went 6 months with no motivation to do anything and now, within a couple of weeks, I've done just about everything I can do. Now I'm bored. But soon the fun stuff will start: painting, moving in furniture, putting away things from baby showers (all 3).....and then there's that kid that's gonna come along before too long too. I hear they keep ya busy.
The nursery is ready to go. See... All it needs is some paint and some furniture....Oh, and a baby.I even got down to the nitty-gritty and overhauled my craft hutch. It is completely ready for the barrage of nursery decorating-related projects that are about to ensue!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Museum Piece

I had a rude realization last night. As I was cleaning out my craft corner of the soon-to-be nursery, I realized I had to put my wedding dress away into some kind of storage. It has long (almost 1 whole year) been on display in our guest room for all to stare at in awe. I liked it that way. It justly deserved it. But now, there is a new favorite possession I am going to have to focus on. It screams and poops but is infinitely more rewarding. I didn't have the heart to put the dress somewhere more permanent right now so it has taken up residence in the closet of the nursery. It will remain there until I come to terms with the fact that I will never get to wear it again. I've often toyed with the idea of putting it back on for some photos. Greg and I had a photographer that lacked inspiration or creativity at our wedding and I deeply regret missing out on some photos we wanted. Money, time and the post-wedding weight kept pushing that wish back. Now it's been a whole year and I have a person growing inside me. I don't think its ever going to happen or if it did, it would just be ridiculously silly. There are new dreams to grab onto now. I can be okay with that. I will be okay with that.

Titled: Museum Piece

Hooter Hider

I had my 24 week appointment today. She found the baby's heartbeat almost before the machine touched my stomach. It was strong and even and absolutely beautiful! My tummy is the right size for her and I've even gained some weight...finally! I have now officially gained 3 pregnancy pounds!!! At almost 6 months, I'd say that's impressive. She's not worried now that I'm gaining but she didn't say to stop eating the high-fat stuff she's got me shoving down now.

After the appointment, my mother-in-law (who was excited to hear her first grandbaby's heartbeat!) went next door to a boutique called Baby Moon. They have cloth diapers, baby clothes and other fun accessories. She bought me my Hooter-Hider while we were there. The girl at the counter didn't inspire much confidence that we would be able to purchase that particular print in the future and we both really liked it. She is 'loaning' me the money for now. I'm determined to pay her back but she seems happy to buy things for me like that. I wish she could have had the experience of having a daughter of her own because she is a fantastic gal-pal! Although, I'm selfishly glad that I don't have to share her. Tee hee!

Take a look at this bad boy!
(Its very dark brown with minty/sage green!!)

Here are a few other things she has gotten for our little man:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Braxton Hicks

Not positive...but pretty sure....I just experienced some Braxton Hicks contractions. Typically they start to be felt around week 28. They actually happen throughout your pregnancy but only get strong enough to feel later. They are brought on by physical exercise, certain ways the baby moves, etc. Well, my dog busted through the tiny crack in the front door which I was walking out of and ran to Timbuktu. Now, hauling myself out the door, let alone running up the street is no small feat. Thank GOD some kids were on those scooter things way up the street because when she got close to them, she dropped to the ground in complete terror. I was able to catch up to her then and throw the leash on her. Then the cramping started. It got increasingly worse on the walk home culminating in very strong cramping which pulsated on and off for about 30 minutes. During these cramps, my stomach felt rock hard. There have been other moments recently where I was aware that my stomach was feeling extremely firm as opposed to soft the minute before. I just assumed the baby had his head or back pushing out toward me. I no longer think that was the case. It felt the same as these.
Here's to no more running, jogging or chasing for the remainder of my preg!!

Yeah right! If only!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twenty-Four Weeks 3.7.2010

I am officially hitting the six month mark this week!!!! Now, I don't know where that falls on the "9 months of pregnancy" which is really closer to 10 months. I've learned there are so many ways to view this. I prefer counting down the weeks.

Baby is still the adorable little papaya this week from head to rump. Not much has changed. I've had some more bouts of nausea here and there. The bladder is starting to give it a rest though. I'm actually only having to go once or twice during the night. I've also started experiencing small terms of insomnia. At this stage in pregnancy, energy seems to be coming in waves for me. Most nights, I get one between 3-4am. I find myself thinking of everything under the sun until I send myself into full panic mode about money, Greg, Greg's business, my job, labor and deliver, nursery decorating (or lack there of), etc. I wind up berating myself hours later for not demanding my brain to shut down and find myself dragging through the days. Hopefully this ends soon! The soreness in my back has kicked it up a notch and I suspect its due to the almost constant ache in my ribs. I can tell my rib cage has expanded greatly for several reasons I won't go into. Lets just say that my huge and sacky sleep shirts are even getting a little too snug around the ribs, in addition to other places.

Week 23 found me floored that I could still get a pair of pre-preg jeans zipped and buttoned comfortably. Week 23.75 found me floored that I could no longer zip or button those same pre-preg jeans. Something happened in those 3 or 4 days and I expanded very quickly. I am still constantly hearing that I am "so lucky" or finding that people don't believe I can have hit the 6 month mark already. I've been told to brace myself for a massive expansion that will occur sometime in the next month. Apparently, its shockingly quick for women that take so long to start showing.

I'm starting to get a little tired of my inactivity. I am definitely going to the gym on Monday night. My bestie, Steph, is going with me and we're not gonna back out of it. My suspicion is that this inactivity is making the soreness worse. I'm not doing anything with myself except sit there feeling every sensation going on and building no tolerance. Plus, with the high-fat diet doc has got me on, I can only imagine the poundage I am putting on. I have an appointment on Wednesday which will give me the final digits. At my last appointment, I was still 4 lbs below my pre-preg weight. Here's hoping to a small weight gain. I'm afraid I did the high-fat diet too well. We'll see....

I have this honey-do list my dear honey is attempting to get done little by little. Its really not that big but we have a lot of misplaced furniture that allows no room for babies, bassinets, or nurseries. My first goal was to get the nursery emptied out before baby stuff started coming in. Well, now we have the crib and the dresser is on its way and we only just got the old bed carried to the basement tonight. 1 box checked, 13 more to go! Here's to hoping! I've been promised it will all be done by mid-week. After that comes painting and sewing and cleaning and more painting and organizing. This must be done in time for the baby showers! The first one is in 7 weeks! With a full work load, a house, husband and dogs to take care of, that is not much time.

Well, that's it for week 24; eggplant, insomnia, less-frequent urination, rib pains, weight panic and many things to do.


We've been gifted a dresser/hutch system from the most amazing mother-in-law ever! She has always been so generous and is now doing the same for our child (her first grandchild!)! She's already gotten us the whole bedding set and now the dresser! I just wanted to give this shoutout to Clea! Thank you for all you do for us!!! I'm lucky I married Greg!! xoxo

I will edit this post with pictures of ours when it gets here!!

New Toy!

I got a camera! I got a camera! I got the camera recommended by my two favorite bloggers, Stephanie and Julia!


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

Just in time for me to get good with it before baby boy arrives!!! I'm totally excited!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Riley adjusting to some changes


Riley is starting to suspect that something is changing. This is a picture my neighbor and closest friend, Stephanie, took with her camera. She was over helping me clean up the nursery so my parents could bring in the crib. Riley climbed under it the minute it was up. We all walked back into the room and there she was.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Twenty-three weeks 3.2.2010

Twenty-three weeks

Apparently we're looking at a papaya for the entire duration of month 5. I guess this is when the growing slows down and the nitty gritty developing starts. His personality is sure formed. He is so active. Much more than any other women's reports of activity I've read so far. He just goes non-stop. Greg and I laid in bed and watched the show. It really does look like an alien trying to bust out of my stomach. I always thought it was weird that people described it as that but something clicks when you see your belly button moving independently of any command you give your body.

I can't believe I am a mere 1.5 weeks away from being 6 months along and 3 weeks away from my THIRD trimester. What the heck? How did that happen? We haven't even started on the nursery yet. AAaaahhh!!

I still don't feel that I'm showing too much. I'm much smaller than any pictures of women at 23 weeks that I've found online so far. I more so feel that my ribcage has gotten very wide. I always wore a 34" size bra and I don't think I could have a prayer of getting one of those bad boys buttoned up right now. My ribs feel huge and ache often.

Terrible pic and don't mind the Christmas wreath in the background (I know its March but try telling Greg that....hem hem....Christmas lights). My mom made that amazing thing and I don't have a safe place to store it yet.

I promise I will be wearing make-up and real clothes for the next pic. I just felt guilty that I'm 23 weeks and haven't taken a pic yet. In all reality, I just started showing. If I'd taken pictures sooner, they would just be of a thick-looking me. No one wants to see that.

We were blessed enough to have someone give their crib to us for FREE!!! When I said I'd take it, all I knew was that it had dark stain. I knew that if it was terrible, we could always find something to do with it or some place to donate it to. I wasn't about to turn away a free crib; especially one with dark stain. My wonderful parents picked it up and brought it over last night. It was so much better than I imagined it would be. I was told it was lightly-used 13 years ago for a little girl so I had no idea what to expect but definitely not something this great! As you can see, its already housing everything we've received for our little man.

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