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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hooter Hider

I had my 24 week appointment today. She found the baby's heartbeat almost before the machine touched my stomach. It was strong and even and absolutely beautiful! My tummy is the right size for her and I've even gained some weight...finally! I have now officially gained 3 pregnancy pounds!!! At almost 6 months, I'd say that's impressive. She's not worried now that I'm gaining but she didn't say to stop eating the high-fat stuff she's got me shoving down now.

After the appointment, my mother-in-law (who was excited to hear her first grandbaby's heartbeat!) went next door to a boutique called Baby Moon. They have cloth diapers, baby clothes and other fun accessories. She bought me my Hooter-Hider while we were there. The girl at the counter didn't inspire much confidence that we would be able to purchase that particular print in the future and we both really liked it. She is 'loaning' me the money for now. I'm determined to pay her back but she seems happy to buy things for me like that. I wish she could have had the experience of having a daughter of her own because she is a fantastic gal-pal! Although, I'm selfishly glad that I don't have to share her. Tee hee!

Take a look at this bad boy!
(Its very dark brown with minty/sage green!!)

Here are a few other things she has gotten for our little man:


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