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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paint Color Pickle

We are having a difficult time deciding on a paint color. It is amazing how daunting paint is. It just seems so permanent because if you get the wrong color, you're either stuck with it or forking out a ton of money that could have been avoided.

We've narrowed it down to two color choices. I am going to get those sample sizes in each and see what they look like later. I just had to vent and see if it helped make the decision clearer for me.

Here are the things to consider:
1. the bedding has a particular color range and if you travel too far outside of it, the whole room will feel chaotic
2. there is tons of natural light as we have two big windows
3. there is going to be A LOT of dark brown wood in the room which may make the color feel heavier (crib, hutch, dresser, rocker, brown rug on floor, etc.)
4. the carpet is a beige-like brown
5. what if the color is not soothing enough to entice one to sleep/makes him angry
6. the room is huge. it's like 16x21 or something like that
7. I am just plain crazy

Here is the blank canvas:

The first photo is truer to the color. I took 1000 pics and none would process the color correctly.


The green is not lime green. it's more of a sage


Cami wanted to help!



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