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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twenty-Five Weeks 3.14.2010

Week 25 comes with a whole new fruit comparison and it will last until week 28.
Also, new this week, a hugantic-ginormic belly! Came outta nowhere!

Hindsight, I really should not have worn that shirt. I've heard it makes me look way bigger than I am. It doesn't show the insane amount of sway-back I've got going on. It just makes me look HUGE. But you get the general idea. And it all showed up this week, really. Last Sunday, at church, my friend who just had a baby, was so surprised at how small my stomach was. Then, this week, she simply said "woah". All within a week, I tell ya. My back and stomach muscles can attest to the changes undergone in this last week. I splurged and bought myself one of those Shitasu massage pillows for my back. It is wonderful for lower-back pain!
Hindsight #2, I really need to start putting on make-up and doing something with myself for these pictures. No one wants to see that. I'll work on it! Right now, I just have to take Greg while he's home, no matter what I look like.

My 24 week appointment was great! I have officially gained 3 pregnancy lbs. She still wants me to stay on the high-fat diet as most women have gained between 15 and 20 lbs by 6 months. Honestly, only gaining 3 lbs is a wonder...what with all of the Taco Bells and ice cream spots available. I can definitely feel my appetite kicking up though so I'm sure she'll be even happier at my next appointment. Also, she found the heartbeat almost the second the machine touched my stomach. I didn't really believe that was him at first because she usually has to root around for a minute before finding it. So, heartbeat is strong, kicks are strong and weight-gain is on. All in all, a successful 24 week appointment!

Hopefully, (if I can get Greg to the store with me), this week will mark the official start of the nursery. I'm hoping the dresser gets delivered this week and Greg and I are going to pick the paint. My bestie, Steph, is on spring break this week (she's a teacher) and is going to paint with me!!!!! I'm praying for a pretty day so we can fling the windows open wide. I'm not allowed to paint, otherwise. It has to be well-ventilated. I checked 2 books and numerous websites and they say its okay to work with most paints as long as there is tons of fresh air circulating. I'm overly cautious so if its above 60, I'll probably turn on the attic fan for good measure and just throw on a sweatshirt. Fingers crossed!

So, to sum up... week 25 = fat shirt pics, weight gain, strong heartbeat and start of nursery decorating!!! More to come soon!


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