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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Twenty-Eight Weeks 4.7.2010

28 weeks people! My doc felt the need to point out that I'm in the third trimester when I saw her today. I, of course, already knew this as I've been counting down the minutes to this final leg of the journey. My guess is that she said it to witness the resulting wiggle of excitement. P.S. I absolutely adore my doctor! She is the best!! Keep in mind that this photo was taken at midnight with tons of food added to the person in there. I'm 1/2 that size in the mornings. I think this picture looks huge. Geeze!

Anyway, I had my glucose tolerance test today. That orange stuff was better than I thought it was going to be. The part that made it bad was that you had to drink the syrup in under five minutes with no chasers. 10 oz of orange flavored (kind-of) syrup in under 5 minutes = immediate headache, nausea and lightheadedness. Especially when you are hypoglycemic and have to fast beforehand.

Baby's weight has doubled in the past month and is up to 2.5 lbs. Still an eggplant though. No wonder I feel like I've been expanding at a rapid rate! He may be up to 16 inches long and has begun to blink. He can cough, suck, hiccup, practice taking breaths and he's even getting in some REM sleep. Also, I found a few sites that said he is now having dreams! That is so cute. I hope they're all good! It kills me that all he's ever known is bumps, muffled sounds and muted light and that is enough for him to dream about.

I know this is kind of cheesy but I'm feeling my attachment to Greg growing. As I'm getting more and more insecure with my bodily changes and situation, he is becoming more and more of what I need to feel fixed. When he's around, I feel so much calmer about everything. I guess that is to be expected but given our stressful situation, it wasn't expected right now. I don't really know what I'm trying to say other than its unexplainable.

Ok, so I have been on this high-fat (all-fat is a better term) diet for over 3 whole months now. You want to knwo what I've gained...? 6 pounds. That's all. I truly and honestly expected to hear when I stepped on that scale today (I don't own one) that I had gained 10+ lbs since my last appointment. I feel even more bloated and my pants are fitting my butt and legs again. Nope, only 3 stinkin lbs. I'm actually pleased with this but it makes me a little scared that I'm not gonna hear good news back from my glucose tolerance test. I hear women with gestational diabetes have a hard time gaining pregnancy weight and that the babies are born typically on the larger side. Weird, huh? We'll find out within a week what the results are.

I got a baby shower gift last night! My neighbor can't come to the shower so her and her husband brought the gift over. It is absolutely aDORable!! And extremely geerous! They bought us all 28 recommended newborn sized cloth diapers, a huge jug of the detergent we were told to use on them, onesies with iron-on patches which I will be doing and posting pictures of. You will see! Her and her husband took the time to arrange them all in that basket and wrap them each with ribbon. They are the best!!

In other news, my mom drove me to the doctor today since I wasn't allowed to eat anything before and the whole hypoglycemia thing doesn't make driving the safest for me at those times. After, she took me to mexican food and shopping! I am now the proud owner of two pairs of maternity shorts (my first official maternity bottoms ever purchased), a new shirt and the cutest maternity dress imaginable! It matches one of her gifts for me that will be at the shower so I will be wearing it to that! Also, I've been looking for some newborn size swim trunks for a pool party we have shortly after the baby is born. I know he won't be swimming or even in the sun at all but I thought he would look cute if he could dress for the occasion. We found these today and I can't not giggle when I see them!

Greg's little cousin was born this week!!! Her name is Elise Mackenzie and she is so teeny tiny. 6lbs and a couple ounces on the day we got to go see her. She is on breathing assistance because they pulled her out a couple of weeks early due to pre-eclampsia. :( But she is alright now! Check it...

Anyway, this has been an incredibly long post. Sorry! I'll try to keep it more-to-the-point in the future. That, or you will just have to stop reading when you get bored. So there!

  • How far along? 28 weeks and 4 days
  • Total Weight gain? 6 lbs
  • stretch marks? none yet... she says apprehensively
  • movement? gobs and gobs. I wish he would sleep sometimes. Beckham had better watch out.
  • food cravings? still tomatoes which entails spaghetti, salsa and raw tomatoes eaten like an apple
  • belly button- in our out? is it possible to be half and half? It's in for the first half of the day but then it slowly makes it's way out by the time I go to bed. Weird seeing as how my belly is on the small side of things. But it is very firm and taught.
  • maternity clothes? yup. Just broke down and bought 2 pairs of maternity shorts. They were badly needed. They don't make clothes pins long enough to keep my pants closed anymore.
  • annoying tidbits? people trying to help suggest names. When they hear we haven't decided, they suddenly jump at the chance to be the one to dub the kid. We really want to tackle this on our own. We're very opinionated on the word we will probably say more than any other for the remainder of our lifetime. Plus, people wouldn't suggest a name if they didn't like it and I have yet to hear one that was freely suggested that I don't want to make an "are you serious" face. I don't want to offend anyone but we're doing alright on our own. We've got about 20 we're still mulling over.


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