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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Air "Purifier"

This is the mega-effective machine that enables our boss to oblige us to work out of our office. There is basically a constant stream of carbon monoxide and God only knows what else vented directly into our one little room from the attached mechanic's shop that services 18-wheelers. My doctor wrote a note saying that she didn't want me in there until this situation got resolved so my boss bought a high-end air purifier.....its a joke. One small purifier isn't going to do anything about a constant stream of poisinous fumes. But, there we sit. I've used the baby thing to limit my office time to just a few hours a day in the afternoons when the windows can be opened to air things out. Boss man isn't satisfied but I don't care. Nothin is more important than my little man.
Best part is that it is constantly flashing red indicating the worst possible air quality. I think he should return the darn thing and let us work from home.
Check it :

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