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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have said all along that I am too young to be having a person. I am still that little girl playing house. I love my life and outlook. I love who I am! I am a perpetually happy person; or kid might be a better term. It takes a great big load of crap to bring me down even a little. So, here I sit on this sunny day in the ole' STL. I'm in a house that is approaching what I'd call a home (nursery included) with a full belly, two adorable dogs and a bouncing boy inside me. I'd call life pretty awesome! In fact, for a visual, here I sit on my big, red, comfy chair and I'm bouncing. I have my fuzzy slippers on, a goofy grin and my legs just can't help but bounce up and down. Now, while I wouldn't call this typical for a 24 year old pregnant woman, it is extremely typical for me. My body can't contain happiness. I must share or explode. I am here alone and, therefore, can't share. So my legs are releasing the joy and happiness in an attempt to stay the explosion. My parents chose the middle name, Joy, for a good reason. It's defined who I am!

I am partly excited because I just saved $168!!! My couch is a red, microfiber dog-heaven. I realized that it no longer smells new after two years of constant K9 abuse. I definitely want to get this thing refreshed and smelling lovely before little dude comes and it becomes the backdrop for gobs and gobs of pictures! As it is red and microfiber, I was afraid to put the covers through the machine. I am not a fan of pink and if the red faded, I'd be stuck with a giant pink couch. EEeewww. I called around and got bids from several companies on the cost for upholstery cleaning and deodorizing. The cheapest by far was $168. When you are broke, that's a ton of money. I have spot treated it millions of times in the past and even went at it with a steam cleaner to result in a couch that didn't smell of dog but wet dog. Terrible. After tons of internet research, scouring the thing for cleaning instructions and several deep breaths, I deposited the cover from the tiniest cushion into the washer with a deep red towel and pressed start. 27 minutes (and much pacing) later, I pulled out that cover and found the most pleasant smelling, clean, red cover looking brand new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dance with me!!! .......Wow, it really doesn't take much to get me totally psyched!

Plus, this view from my back window didn't hurt my day either!.....


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