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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thirty-One weeks 4.24.2010

Wow, 31 weeks. Crazy. Sorry I missed the 30 week post. You didn't miss much other than the usual 30-week-freak-out. I survived it though and have moved onto acceptance.

Baby Updates:

This kid's movements have gone into overdrive. I'm sitting here writing this and having difficulty breathing as I do believe he has kicked a rib out of place. It is pain but I hear it's all worth it. And he's still a squash. He's basically all formed except for further development in the brain (which we all know doesn't end when he's born) and his lungs. Yay! That means that I don't have to feel as guilty for feeling ready for this pregnancy thing to be over. I'm ready to meet him and tackle the next phase. That one, at least, I know I can handle.

He's laying sideways right now and pushing outward with extreme force. The bump looks like a point. Probably not the most ideal shirt for this pic. I'm highly concerned for my innards as I don't think they will ever be able to recover from this current position he's in.

I realized I don't have many more weeks left to finish the pile of nursery projects I've assigned myself. I have now become extremely motivated. I plan on finishing a minimum of two of them on my evenings this week. Totally excited! Unfortunately, that means no one is allowed in my nursery between now and the unveiling when everything is all done. I need to get some caution tape, just to be clear. I'm itching to get all of the clothes and blankets washed that I got at my shower yesterday but I decided I might as well wait until after my second shower which is next Saturday. I'm sure I will get more clothes at that shower.

This shower yielded some incredible gifts!!! We got our full stroller, base and carseat unit!!! I'm so in love with it. I sat staring at it for the better part of the after-party and even more when I got home. Also, TWO diaper cakes! Incredible! My mom and m-i-l made this monstrosity so we're pretty much set on all baby gadgets! We also got the diaper bag, blankets (including one very special blanket that would take several paragraphs to explain so I'll just say it's a 10 on the special scale), clothes, bouncers, high-chairs, ... I could go on and on. Let's just say, we're set! And, I still have two more showers and a sprinkle to go! I think the sprinkle is more of a day-out for the mommy. I will post more about it when we go because its mostly a surprise so I don't know much. The girls throwing it are incredibly creative and a blast so I'm VERY excited!!!!!

  • How far along? 31 weeks and 1 day
  • Total Weight gain? 8 lbs
  • stretch marks? none yet. and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop trying to jinx it.
  • movement? to the point of pain.....but that means healthy, right?
  • food cravings? still tomatoes but increasing chocolate cravings thrown in
  • belly button- in our out? officially an outie
  • maternity clothes? currently sporting a maternity top, bra, sweatpants and a size up on underwear, THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  • annoying tidbits? I guess the word has gotten out and people have begun laying low. We'll see how long it lasts. *smiles*


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