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Monday, May 10, 2010

Thirty-four Weeks 5.16.2010

Yay! A new fruit to compare! A honeydew melon!! I like that so much better than the days of onions. Its a much better mental image, no?

Pretty eventful couple of weeks. Sorry I slacked on the posting. Childbirth classes, carbon monoxide (maybe) poisoning, massive migraines, hiccups non-stop, cloth diapers, maternity leave conundrum and my very first Mothers' Day that was partially about me! All to follow....

But first- baby now urinates up to one pint per day and can recognize and react to songs from within the womb. Baby has dropped a bit and right on cue too! I'm finding it easier to breathe and harder to hold my bladder. Its a toss-up. He is somewhere between 4 and 5 lbs now and his eyes blink and dilate in reaction to light now. And, as I said before, hiccups NON-STOP. Literally, 10 times a day. Especially at night or when I lay flat. Absolutely NUTS!!!!
His room is nearing the finishing point. I still have one more shower and a sprinkle to go. After those, I'm going to do our registry completion, finish my last few projects and get final reveal pictures up!
I really think our puppies can tell something big is going down. They've been so much more affectionate and our younger one, Cami, follows me everywhere I go. Literally, I can't pee without her shoving doors open to get to me. Its actually very sweet. She's a life-saver!
So we went to our childbirth class. It was a one day crash course instead of a six week course. Yes, the birthing videos were scarring beyond imagining and no, Greg didn't have to try on any pregnancy suit. :( I was packin the camera just in case. Sad story. I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know except that our hospital doesn't do walking epidurals. It's all or basically nothing unless you want to do an IV. I'm hoping to avoid IV's and catheters like the plague so both of those limit me to local anesthetics, pretty much. I'm gonna shoot for being okay with that. I'd like to think I can do it med-free. No one seems to have much confidence in me but I'm gonna try. I'm filling out the paperwork and indicating that they should have it ready in case I ask. I just really don't want to be confined to a bed, no food and no toilets. How humiliating, Good Lord? I'm not a bed-pan kinda girl. Anyway, they gave Greg the run-down on do's and don't's, what to expect (as he has not read one of the books, I'm glad they did this), massage techniques and everything his job entails. I think he's gonna be a pretty good coach. He loves me so much so the main criteria is securely in place. He told me after the class that his favorite part was the part where we worked on breathing and pressure points together. He called it "the cuddling section". He's a doll!!! So, other than practicing our breathing more (which I don't really think is necessary), we're ready to go!!! I still need to go buy my birthing clothes though. I just don't want to wear one of those nasty, buttless hospital gowns. I'm hoping to find some light-weight robes that tie in front and some type of duster or mumu with snaps up the front for the actual birthing that can go straight into the trash. Eeeekk, getting nervous.
About the carbon monoxide, migrane and maternity leave thing.... (feel free skip if you don't care). Well, the fume problem has just hit its limit with me. I spent a few days at just a few hours a day back in the office in preparation to train someone to do my job. I left each day with an increasingly worse migrane that made me have to hide in the dark and not eat food. Obviously, not ideal for a pregnant lady. It culminated on the night before my childbirth class when I realized I hadn't felt our little tazmanian devil move in almost an entire day. That was basically unprecedented so I began freaking out. I decided to ask my childbirth class director the next morning about it. She recommended I get checked out and talk to our doctor so I called the on-call guy. He said it sounded like what he would have diagnosed as carbon monoxide poisining and that if movements didn't kick up soon, he wanted me to go to L&D for a non-stress test. I told him I'd finish out the last part of class and see how the movements were then. I had felt a few rumblings just before I called. He said if I'd called the night before, when things were fresher, he'd have told me to go to the nearest ER but that the damage had already been done before I realized the lack of movement. Well, our blessed little child obliged me during the last hour of our class by doing an irish jig for awhile and eased my mind. I was ordered not to go back to the office which I had no problem agreeing to. Not for all the tea in china! Anyway, I haven't been back since and will have to accept the consequences as far as my job goes. I don't know how I will train a replacement unless they come to my home. I'm completely fine with that and it would be quite easy to do but we'll see. As for going back to work after, I don't think thats in the cards for me. We're weighing budget and options. Obviously, we'd both rather me not have to go back to work. We're traditionalists in that regard but I also can't live without seeing Greg and that is probably how our lives would have to be if he was the sole bread winner. I can't keep my current job because A.) that fume problem isn't going anywhere anytime soon, B.) I can't answer a company phone with a baby in the background and I won't do daycare, C.) I was going to be laid off soon after those 12 weeks anyway due to low winter budget/funds. So, I'm deciding between finding a family who wants in-home childcare for a child 4 or 5 years old where I could be with my baby or I could apply at the nursery at my gym where I'm told is constantly hiring and I could be with my baby the whole time and make a full paycheck. I know it wouldn't be easy but with baby carriers and all of the gadgets we've got nowadays, I think that may be the best option. We're gonna get through birth and maternity leave and then see what things are looking like then. I'm completely open to suggestions if anyone has one though! The criteria is that I can keep baby with me and take breaks enough to breastfeed.
I finally purchased my cloth diapers! I got a starter stash from my friend for a shower but that was just newborn sizes. They grow out of those within a couple of months. I've done hours of research and listened to an employee at Cotton Babies for over an hour. I've decided to try out three different one-size diapers. Basically, these diapers fit anywhere from 7-35 lbs by having snaps to adjust for sizing. Two of them are all-in-one diapers where you wash the entire diaper but it functions the exact same as a disposable. Greg wouldn't ever notice any difference unless he did the laundry. The third is a system called Flip which is a cover with an insert. When the insert gets soiled, you toss it in the pail, wipe off the cover if something leaked, then you plop in the fresh insert (literally plop) and velcro that bad boy back on your squirming little man! The nice thing about it is that the inserts can either be cloth or they have disposable liners available. Basically, its like a giant maxi-pad for babies that you can stick in the cover designed specifically for it and toss it in the trash when its bad. Perfect for our busy outing schedule. I always thought we'd have to use a certain amount of disposables for our social schedule but this serves both purposes! We can go washable cloth or tossable liners! I plan to use both depending on the day's activities! I'm very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I did the math. You spend $2-3 a day in good disposable diapers. What I spent, I will have made back by the time 100 days is over. By the time we decide which of the 3 systems we like most and buy the rest to get us through the end (potty training) we will still only have spent what we would have spent on disposables for 200 days at most. Plus, we can resuse for future children! No competition!! So all ya'll skeptics out there, hush!
And, Mothers' Day. Nothin much to report but it was cute to get cards for me on Mothers' day. Plus, Greg did the whole surprise flowers and card so sweet it make me ball thing! He's the best!
I had my 34 week appointment this morning. I got to meet one of the other doctors in the practice. I only have a 25% chance of getting my doc if its on a weekend or overnight. I thought it would be nice to meet the other 3 people ahead of time, just in case. I absolutely LOVED HER!!! I'm considering switching to her for the delivery if I can. I loved my last doctor but she was a little more of the tough-love type which isn't going to be my style when I'm being yelled at to push and I don't want to anymore. This lady was fabulous. We laughed the whole appointment! She was amazed at how strong his heartbeat was. Also, he got the hiccups while I was there and she was very excited about how strong his lungs were. His head is down and in the ready position and she said his head is a firm and nicely shaped head! She had to poke around a little bit but got a big smile when she felt his noggin! She couldn't tell his position until near the end of the appointment because I was having such big contractions. I didn't realize they were contractions. They just felt like he was pushing outward but she said those feelings are definitely strong contractions. I have them all of the time. It's a very familiar sensation so we'll see how my actual labor contractions go. It'll be interesting. I guess its a good thing that I thought those were just movements by him. They didn't hurt at all! At my next appointment, I have to meet the male doctor who I may end up with that day. Greg and I are both a little weirded out about that. Also, that is the day they are going to do my first internal so I have to have a strange man perform my first invasive internal on my first time meeting him. Weird. Greg wants to be there "for me". So cute.

Anyway, eventful past two weeks. I'll try to be better about posting for this last leg of our journey. Won't be long now!!!

How far along? 34 weeks and 3 days
Total Weight gain? 15 lbs total of pregnancy weight so far
stretch marks? nope
movement? tons. Hiccups all day and apparently I'm having some pretty strong contractions. Doctor was amazed I wasn't feeling them more.
food cravings? random ones. Not too many reoccuring. PB, cereal, grapes, or anything anyone suggests.
belly button- in our out? oh, the button. I'm afraid it'll never go back in. Greg thinks its so cute. Weird...
maternity clothes? mostly. I've still got some shirts and I even wore a pair of pre-preg jeans the other day with the be-band thing to hold them up. It wasn't bad.
annoying tidbits? peeing every 30 minutes, back pain, bladder jabs, strangers talking to me like we're old friends just because I'm pregnant (everywhere I go, I can't make it out without getting tagged.....seriously, took 30 minutes to get out of church today) , cervical pressure, another growth spurt in the chesticle region, and many many more. But I'm trying to enjoy the last six weeks. Can't say I've enjoyed any of this until now except for interacting with fetus kicks. I'm trying to force myself to enjoy this last stretch so that I will remember pregnancy in a positive light. I'll let you know if it works.


The Robbins & Co May 17, 2010 at 2:35 PM  

I don't even know you but totally think you could do this naturally. Why is it that we are so scared of birth and potential pain? We know that marriage will be super hard, but we still do it and usually without pain meds, ha!

Anyways, I'm going to email you some tips-feel free to take them or leave them :)

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