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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thirty-Six Weeks 5.31.2010

Holy Cow!!!!!!! It feels so wierd to say "Less than 4 weeks" to the people who ask. Actually, at this moment, I am a mere 2 days away. Funny thing is, no one thinks I will last that long. I've got people taking bets and, after today, I'm considering getting in on some of them. I got scared out of my seat today and the fast, jerky movements caused me to have some pretty severe contractions that are still going on hours later. I'm not as scared as I would be if they were spaced evenly time-wise or lasted for only a minute. My stomach gets rock-hard for a couple of minutes then slowly softens again. Plus, little man is squirming like crazy in there. I hear that they barely move once actual labor contractions start. Feel free to set the record straight if you know otherwise. I'm looking to be as prepared for this as possible. I made sure to get my bags packed tonight...just in case. I was supposed to do it a week and a half ago. I finally got them done tonight thanks to some help from my best friend, Stephanie.

Anyway, bump picture:

I have discovered my first stretch marks. I really shouldn't complain because I'm much smaller than most women get and have only a few marks compared to the hundreds other poor women suffer from. I just have a few right above each hip bone. I know its superficial but this has been one of the most depressing discoveries of my life to date. I was not planning on this pregnancy or having a marked up stomach so young. Also, I've always had plenty of "junk in my trunk" and suffered with leg and butt weight. I never suffered from much tummy weight and was looking forward to getting my bikini tummy back someday. Now, it won't ever be the same. my soapbox now. Thanks for listening.

My 36 week appointment went fine. I had to meet the male in the practice for the first time. He didn't perform an internal exam yet but he did do the group B strep test. That wasn't fun or comfortable. It was my first time being examined by a male and I DID NOT LIKE IT. Greg wasn't so hot on it either. I'm really praying that he isn't the doctor on call on d-day. I'd be too uncomfortable to effectively push out a human. We'll see...

Last week we took our maternity photos. Stephanie took them. She is getting to be so good at this. You can contact her through her blog if you like what you see! These are just a few of my favorites.

Maternity Photo Favorites

How far along? 36 weeks and 5 days
Total Weight gain? 19 lbs as of yesterday's appointment
stretch marks? aawww man, I just stopped crying
movement? painful and non-stop
food cravings? Chocolate is on its way up the list
belly button- in our out? I think it could rival the pyramid. Turkey is definitely done.
maternity clothes? Actually, at the moment, No. I'm wearing non-maternity underwear and a pre-preg tshirt over a belly coated in baby oil. :(
annoying tidbits? no sleep, rib and bladder jabs, contractions, acid reflux and STRETCH MARKS


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