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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forty Weeks 6.27.2010

Not much to report. Uncomfortable and tired and ready and waiting. I went on Wednesday (39.5 weeks) and was still only 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. They did the membrane sweep but nothing happened other than some uncomfortable cramping. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to have an ultrasound and a non-stress test done. I also imagine they'll try another membrane sweep and they want to schedule an induction date. I'm desperate to get this ball rolling before I would have to be induced. Please say a prayer this will get moving naturally and that I won't find out I have a giant baby tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Contractions have kept up but more sporadically. I've been spending time floating in the pool to take the weight off.

My maternity time has officially started and everything on my list is done so this really needs to get moving.

I'm a little sleep deprived writing this so, long story short, please think water-breakage!

  • How far along: 40 weeks and 2 days

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

still here

still here and 5 full days of contractions and horrible sleep but my spirits are high.



My appointment this morning (6/23) resulted in a membrane sweep and an optimistic attitude! The membrane sweep didn't hurt me at all. Most women complain that its terrible. Still only 1cm dialated which is to be expected and 70% effaced. The membrane sweep gets the ball rolling in 50% of cases. Usually, the women respond within 48 hours and stuff happens! If not, we have some testing scheduled for Monday morning. They want to do an ultrasound and a non-stress test (measures baby's movements and my contractions from what I understand). If everything is good, they want to schedule an induction. If baby is stressed, they'll do it on the spot. I really don't want that but their hopes were high that I would respond to the membrane sweep! So, here's hoping for getting this kid out soon!! My doc even went so far as to say she really was feeling they wouldn't need to interfere; that this would all go on its own!

Plus, I was dreading how much weight I was going to have gained since I gained so much inbetween my last two appointments. I actually lost a pound so this pregnancy is going to round out at a total of 23 lbs gained and held by the end! I feel so bad for those women who tell me they gained 70 or even once I heard 110 lbs. I don't even understand how thats possible but I'm grateful either way!

So, proactive motions! Membrane sweep this morning, mexican for lunch, chinese for dinner, long walk with dogs, pineapple thrown in there somewhere and I'll try to do the stairs for a little while. Anything to get this going! I'll post if something happens!! Keep checking in!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Misery Abounding...

Ok, so I am ready. No, scratch that, I am more than ready. I am so impatient I could cry.

As if the normal pregnancy aches and pains weren't bad enough, I fell down several stairs with the resulting whiplash feelings, bruised butt and sore back up through my neck.

As if the lack of sleep weren't enough, when I do sleep, I have repeated nightmares of a stillborn baby that I have to schedule an induction day to go push out. Can you imagine anything more miserable? I wake up balling each time.

As if the fact that I still have 12 days to go isn't hard enough, I keep getting reminded that I could easily go over by another 14 days. That's 4 freakin weeks people. Stop reminding me.

It wasn't so bad when I could focus my energies on getting things ready for the baby but now I'm done. I have nothing left to do but sit here and stare at the adorable, clean, laundered and stocked baby station that has no baby.

And I can't decide what is worse, the fact that he is so cramped in there that when he moves it feels like I'm being beaten from the inside with a club or the fact that his movements are so few during the day now from his lack of space that the nightmare keeps creeping into my waking consciousness. Right now, as I'm writing, the lighting from my computer is casting shadows on my belly. It looks like there is a giant balloon in there that someone keeps trying to blow up causing all sides to expand up to an inch wider than the normal roundness, holds steady for several seconds and then releases. Doesn't sound like much but its very uncomfortable.

To give you better understanding, let me share this with you. My loving and practical husband has been very supportive but realizes that I need to work as long as I can to continue getting my paycheck. Therefore, no sense in rushing D-day. But, my constant rolling and peeing and gasping and doubling over are enough that he is now on the "get that baby out of you" train; despite the lack of funds. We've taken the dogs for walks, he bought me Taco Bell for breakfast yesterday, he bought me a pineapple. They're small steps toward helping the process along but they are proven to help. I think the tumble down the stairs was the moment for him when he realized that I'm a danger to myself and the baby.

I can no longer walk upright or avoid tripping over simple things like...floor or air. The baby is pushing so hard on the underside of my lungs that when I try to eat or drink, I often choke. I'm long torsoed so its saying something that this baby can have both his head lodged behind my pubic bone causing sudden dead-leg syndrome and his butt knocking my ribs on my right side together so much that they pop when they collide and even my elastic from my sportsbra is verging on excruciating. I'm completely limited to laying on my left side only which gets uncomfortable after only 20 minutes.

I'm ready for my appointment on Wednesday. If no progress has been made, you can all come visit me on the funny farm. I'll post the address... I couldn't believe it if no progress has been made though. These constant contractions, both Braxton Hicks and normal have got to be doing something other than trying to drive me crazy.

To leave you with a happy thought so you're not concerned I may turn suicidal, I did get blessed with a good dream this morning. Short but good. I dreamt about what the little man looked like. He was quite cute with dimples, blond fuzz for hair and blue eyes. All just like his daddy! I hope that comes true!

38 weeks and 2 days pregnant....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thirty-Nine Weeks 6.20.2010

Okay, so here is the dealio:

I'm officially in labor. I have been for two freakin days now. 10:30 on Thursday night began contractions 18 mins apart. By 6am the next morning, they were 6 minutes apart. I called the doc when they hit 5 minutes apart for 30 minutes and he told me to head in to get checked out. They were pretty painful--mostly in my back--but I could talk and walk through them. They monitored me and baby for a while and determined they were definitely labor contractions but, unfortunately, they weren't causing me to dilate or efface any further than the 1cm and 50% effacement I had been at the appointment two days before. They had me walk for an hour and come back to hop on the monitor again. NO change, unfortunately. So, they sent me home and told me the contractions could continue to increase and do something productive, in which case they would see me later that night, or they would ease up and give my body time to catch up which means they would see me in a few days time, probably. It could be even longer than a few way to predict. Stupid stupid stupid. So, I've been having more than my fair share of contractions for over 48 hours now. Today, the majority weren't nearly as strong as they had been. They told me they thought my exhaustion (no sleep in almost 48 hours, seriously) could be contributing to my body not doing what it should and gave me a prescription sleeping pill. So, now I'm recharged and ready to do this for real! Now I just need the contractions to get back to where they were or for my water to break. The monitor that reads contraction intensity was putting mine in the high 60's. The highest the machine reads is 120 so I am highly encouraged that I was over 1/2 way to the absolute worst a woman can experience and I could walk and talk (but not sleep) through all of them with barely even a wince. Some women don't even get close to the 120 intensity so there may be hope for the med-free route after all!!! Today, they were 15+ minutes apart at times. Then I went an hour without one at all. Good news is that we found out the baby is at -2 station. Once he hits zero station, he starts heading into positive numbers which means he's moved past my cervix and is on his way out. I am so totally ready to do this! I'd like to hope for a daddy's day delivery but I doubt it, based on today. I'm about to get some more sleep with the help of Tylenol PM and we'll see how tomorrow goes. I'm gonna say that I'll probably make it closer to my due date (6/26) unless something drastic happens so don't get your hopes up. I don't want to disappoint anyone. I'm partially trying to hold out til my big sister gets here on Thursday and partially trying to come now so I can get these darn contractions over with. I'm torn :(

How far along? 39 weeks and 1 days
Total Weight gain? 24 lbs
stretch marks? ever expanding
movement? to the extreme
food cravings? anything cold and sweet
belly button- in our out? out out out
maternity clothes? yup
annoying tidbits? contractions and not dilating

Thirty-Seven Weeks 6.9.2010

Woah! Man, am I ready to be done with this!
Everything is totally ready for the little man. I spent tonight putting the finishing touches on his iron-ons for his monthly b-day comparison pics. I also got distracted and made a few extras. My fav is a quote from Anchorman. It says "Milk was a bad choice... I immediately regret this decision." Hilarious!

We've moved onto a whole new food to compare to today. And....ITS THE LAST ONE! Behold... just told me I have 16 days left. That seems silly. I have yogurt that will expire later than the date this kid is supposed to arrive.
We had our 37 week appointment today. I lost a pound (which I think I made up for at dinner), I'm 50% effaced and right on track!!! Contractions are going strong and incredibly annoying so that means they're doing their job! I did test positive for Group B strep which basically means I have to get antibiotics during my labor. That's all. No biggie. I'm ready though so think dilating thoughts, everyone!
Kid is still moving like the next Karate Kid movie star (that's a nod to his uncle, not the rip off of a movie they just released). We were watching Glee last night and this kid was literally dancing with the music. His movements were incredibly strong and would stop right when the songs stopped. Then, he'd pick right back up where he left off at the next song. Its so funny to experience their personalities even before they're out. Like, for example, the kid is starting to sleep ALL NIGHT!!!! I've been in despair until now as he loved to boogie the night away and I thought that was an omen about his patterns for when he'd get outta me. Now, I'm not sweatin it so much.
The nursery is as ready as its gonna be on our current budget. Hubby and F-I-L will be installing the ceiling fan sometime this week or next which is here and ready to go. Then, I'll just have one final vacuum and voila! Kinda silly since he won't be sleeping up there right away anyway. He's got his own little corner nook all set up in our bedroom; complete with pack'n'play, changer station, clothes for two weeks, diapers for three weeks and an air-tight trash can. I hear you aren't supposed to do stairs much after delivery so I have everything at the downstairs station for now. I'll take pics of everything in the next couple of days and throw them up here.
I can actually say now that I have something I'll miss about pregnancy. Preferential treatment! Like, I got bumped up in the grocery store line by 3 people with full carts who all had been waiting longer than me and they were the ones urging me forward. Also, the guy at the hibachi restaurant gave me extra rice "for the baby". Sucks that I am only getting this treatment now, when its over, because I was so stinkin small.
Naps are becoming obligatory now. I don't have a choice in the matter. My eyes are closing whether I want them to or not...regardless of where I am. So, I'm learning to anticipate the onset of my narcoleptic fits and be somewhere cushie around those times. My husband told me today that I need to get used to sleeping in smaller segments and more throughout the day. He forced me to nap today. I'm really diggin this whole "supportive soon-to-be-father" side of Greg. He's so dreamy!

The dogs can totally tell something is up. They're always lurking to see what new gadget we're going to be fiddling with next. They want to hang in the nursery as much as they can. Cami is still obsessively trying to lay on or around my stomach. Riley is still acting like the spoiled first-born who is grudging another addition to the house that steals even more of her attention. I hope they adjust well to this. There aren't many people who have deluded themselves into thinking their dogs are the equivalent of human children more than we have. We're determined that they won't suffer any lack of love from this transition. We're not worried because its simply not going to be an issue for us. We love them way too much. I hate when people tell me the dogs are going to be neglected or that I am going to regret having them now that we have a baby. They're wrong! End of story. (venting over)
New Favorite Hangout:

Anyway, not much chance we'll see any action this week. Just constant contractions "ripening" me up. Here's hoping for next week!! I miss sleep without wishing I could not have a spinal cord or any nerve endings.

How far along? 37 weeks and 5 days
Total Weight gain? down to 18 lbs as of today's appointment (one lb lost)
stretch marks? depressing but true
movement? trying to enjoy them as they won't be goin on for much longer
food cravings? anything cold. I'm always hot so I'm eating cold cereal and popsicles like they're about to run out in the world.
belly button- in our out? out out out
maternity clothes? yup
annoying tidbits? feeling like I am sitting on something hard and worried I'm going to cause him brain damage by not constantly laying horizontal

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Man Troubles

Note to all men

When your wife who is 3 weeks away from delivery discovers her first stretch mark and is completely devastated, she is hoping to hear "It's okay, baby. You are so beautiful and you are going through this to make our family complete. I love you so much and no amount of marks can change that." What she doesn't want to hear....."Hurry, run and go put some lotion on it."

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