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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forty Weeks 6.27.2010

Not much to report. Uncomfortable and tired and ready and waiting. I went on Wednesday (39.5 weeks) and was still only 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. They did the membrane sweep but nothing happened other than some uncomfortable cramping. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to have an ultrasound and a non-stress test done. I also imagine they'll try another membrane sweep and they want to schedule an induction date. I'm desperate to get this ball rolling before I would have to be induced. Please say a prayer this will get moving naturally and that I won't find out I have a giant baby tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Contractions have kept up but more sporadically. I've been spending time floating in the pool to take the weight off.

My maternity time has officially started and everything on my list is done so this really needs to get moving.

I'm a little sleep deprived writing this so, long story short, please think water-breakage!

  • How far along: 40 weeks and 2 days


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