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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thirty-Nine Weeks 6.20.2010

Okay, so here is the dealio:

I'm officially in labor. I have been for two freakin days now. 10:30 on Thursday night began contractions 18 mins apart. By 6am the next morning, they were 6 minutes apart. I called the doc when they hit 5 minutes apart for 30 minutes and he told me to head in to get checked out. They were pretty painful--mostly in my back--but I could talk and walk through them. They monitored me and baby for a while and determined they were definitely labor contractions but, unfortunately, they weren't causing me to dilate or efface any further than the 1cm and 50% effacement I had been at the appointment two days before. They had me walk for an hour and come back to hop on the monitor again. NO change, unfortunately. So, they sent me home and told me the contractions could continue to increase and do something productive, in which case they would see me later that night, or they would ease up and give my body time to catch up which means they would see me in a few days time, probably. It could be even longer than a few way to predict. Stupid stupid stupid. So, I've been having more than my fair share of contractions for over 48 hours now. Today, the majority weren't nearly as strong as they had been. They told me they thought my exhaustion (no sleep in almost 48 hours, seriously) could be contributing to my body not doing what it should and gave me a prescription sleeping pill. So, now I'm recharged and ready to do this for real! Now I just need the contractions to get back to where they were or for my water to break. The monitor that reads contraction intensity was putting mine in the high 60's. The highest the machine reads is 120 so I am highly encouraged that I was over 1/2 way to the absolute worst a woman can experience and I could walk and talk (but not sleep) through all of them with barely even a wince. Some women don't even get close to the 120 intensity so there may be hope for the med-free route after all!!! Today, they were 15+ minutes apart at times. Then I went an hour without one at all. Good news is that we found out the baby is at -2 station. Once he hits zero station, he starts heading into positive numbers which means he's moved past my cervix and is on his way out. I am so totally ready to do this! I'd like to hope for a daddy's day delivery but I doubt it, based on today. I'm about to get some more sleep with the help of Tylenol PM and we'll see how tomorrow goes. I'm gonna say that I'll probably make it closer to my due date (6/26) unless something drastic happens so don't get your hopes up. I don't want to disappoint anyone. I'm partially trying to hold out til my big sister gets here on Thursday and partially trying to come now so I can get these darn contractions over with. I'm torn :(

How far along? 39 weeks and 1 days
Total Weight gain? 24 lbs
stretch marks? ever expanding
movement? to the extreme
food cravings? anything cold and sweet
belly button- in our out? out out out
maternity clothes? yup
annoying tidbits? contractions and not dilating


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