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Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 Months Old

Wow. I can hardly believe it. I really don't want to believe it. Time is flying by. I try to spend every moment soaking up as much as I can. Yet, when you're so devoted in each moment (and lovin it), it makes the time go by that much more quickly. I can't believe that my days of staring and making a fool of myself for one tiny smile aren't going to last forever. I hate the thought that I won't be able to be with him constantly. I am prepared to fight harder than I have ever fought for anything to get to stay with him every day. I only pray that God opens this door for us. I don't think he made me who I am and gave me the baby that he did for me to leave him from 9-5 every day.

Sorry to be a downer. Onto more wonderful topics! He is beautiful! And smiley! And PERFECT!!!

I've decided to write a monthly letter to Cole for this first year. I'm going to have to go back and write one for the first month. I'm stealing the idea from other bloggers and its precious!

To my precious little man,

You are two months old today. I am smitten with you. You have me wrapped up completely around your tiny pinkie. You love to smile and you are very good at it! Your smiles and tiny giggles slay me! You have been smiling for three weeks now. You get camera shy when I try to capture but I've managed to catch a few. You also did your first real giggle today! Grandma Clea had you so entertained that it slipped out. You've done small, mini-giggles but I barely counted those because they were like an extra-strong exhale. This was an undeniable giggle! Although I'm jealous, I am so glad you did it for her. She loves you so much. Watching her worship your every breath is precious. I have a feeling you're going to love having her as your very own. You're also very entertained by Grandpa Tracy. He was the first person to get you to smile and once you started, you never stopped. He finds excuses to come by several times a week. He just can't seem to stay away. You never seem to mind though. You always have smiles waiting for him to pull them out!
You started sleeping for 6 hours straight during the night in the last week. You are such a good and easy baby. You seem to want to make me happy in every way. You're eating like a trooper and I love watching your tiny leg rolls get bigger! You spend much of your day smiling as you don't nap much during the day. You take small catnaps here and there to recharge your smile muscles and then you're right back making my whole world light up. You sleep best when you're holding mine or daddy's finger. If you're ever having a hard time staying asleep or you get startled by something, we can always help by offering you a finger. You grasp on so tightly; even though your fingers don't wrap all of the way around ours. Its the most beautiful gift that our presence can comfort you so much.
You have your first wedding to attend tomorrow. We went to the rehearsal dinner tonight and you were the life of the party. I don't think one person made it through the evening without coming over to get a closer look or to touch you. Some even stole you from my arms. You were so good and patient. You stayed adorable through it all. And not one person left that party without telling me you were beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, perfect or the cutest baby they had ever seen. That leads me to believe that its not mommy-bias. Its actually true! (Although, I never doubted it!)
You went for your first swim at a pool party but you didn't seem to like it much. I'm quite sure that will all change before too long. You're my kid, after all. Don't tell daddy but I think you would have liked it more if I had been holding you. You are very attached to me since we spend so much time together. Sometimes at home, you get mad if you can't see me. I know this because you're perfectly fine as soon as you see me again. Other people don't seem to do it for you but I do! I feel bad for the person who is trying to entertain you at that time but I still feel special that I'm the one you want and that you know who I am. You can't be fooled!
--We haven't gone to the two month doctor appointment yet so I don't have his growth statistics. I will update this when we go.--
You are the best gift life has yet given us and we can't wait to see what you will learn and do next! We love you, little man!


Back to the updates. We haven't started cloth diapering yet. The tiny little thing is still in newborn-sized diapers. That's unheard of for a two month old that wasn't preemie. Let alone, 1 week late. He has Greg's body style. Broad shoulders and tiny hips. The size one diapers are gigantic on him...still. I tried to put a cloth diaper on him and he swam in it. I'm quite anxious to play with them but I have to keep forking out dough for newborn-sized, disposables for now.
He still sleeps in the pack'n'play in the corner of our room. The nursery is on the second floor and the master is on the first. I'm not ready to be on a separate floor from him yet and Greg's not ready to be left alone downstairs. This works out perfectly for us because he's basically in a crib but he's only 7 feet away. I have a whole station set up down here with outfits, diapers and anything else we could want. The plan is to move him upstairs once he is sleeping 8 hours or so through the night. As it is going now, that won't be too far away. I hope I have the strength to allow it. We have a video monitoring system so it won't be too bad. I definitely don't feel bad about our current situation and I envision this lasting for a while. Hey, he's in a crib-type bed, he's close to us and he's sleeping well. Sounds like a good solution to me! I'm not so hot on babies sleeping in bed with parents. I've seen it too many times where the baby gets addicted to that. I can totally see the draw and its hard to stick to my guns when its so easy to drift off while feeding in the night. I just don't want it to become a habit so we're steering clear of it all together.

And now, for a photo dump!!!

Your first pool trip.

Smiling at Grandpa Tracy.

Smiling at mommy.

Your "fart face".

The face you make to let me know you're hungry.

You actually like bath time.

Just plain cuteness!

Staring at your best friend...the ceiling fan (who stole smiles long before any human did).

Loving on Grandpa Tracy.

Loving on Grandma Clea.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

1 Month Old

One whole month. Nuts!

He is an absolute treasure! I'm back-dating this by a month because I was slacking. I wanted to get a one month letter in to baby. (see month 2 to see what I'm talking about)

To my incredible child,

You are now a whole month old. This first month on the planet has afforded you many visitors, gifts and displays of love. You should be feeling like the prince you are! You have visitors around the clock; even though you basically just sit there. You're not smiling yet but you are very alert and easily entertained.

You sleep for 3-4 hour periods of time during the night with one awake hour in between. You take frequent naps throughout the day which I use to soak up my time staring at you. You sleep in a crib-type thing in our room for now. Daddy and I don't want you to be upstairs in your nursery and so far from us. I don't envision wanting you upstairs for quite a while. You're sleeping well and you're close to us so we like it!

We don't get out much yet. I'm a little over-protective of you. We have gotten out to dinner a few times which you have been so cooperative for. We are the luckiest parents in the world. I frequently tell you that you stole the world's allowance of cuteness for the next century. You don't seem to mind though. I guess being the cutest doesn't sound too bad to you.

I love how our bond is growing and I'm excited to see you learning who I am and how much I love you. You already seem to recognize me and are comforted by me being close. That is so amazing and such an honor. You have me completely, Cole!

Loving you more every second,

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