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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dreams and the Cello...

I am here to confess a long-time dream I've had but never expressed or chased. I absolutely adore the cello. Though I have played piano since the age of seven, I was never satisfied. My brain is not the type to understand 88 keys. I believe I could tackle a set of strings with much more ease.
8 years of piano lessons still couldn't make me fall in love as much as one cello concerto on the radio can. I stuck with it because we had a piano and I had access to fabulous teachers.
Funnily enough, I played piano better before my lessons. I always had a knack to hear music and put it to the instrument. My teachers would send me home with the sheet music and I just couldn't get it. When they sent me home with a cd of them playing, I'd have it within a couple hours. That makes me think I could do pretty well with a cello on my own. I'm not in a place to take lessons but I don't think I'd need them. I could get to the point where I could play well enough to satisfy me. I can read sheet music well enough and have ample inspiration.
It is my belief that dreams stay just that...dreams unless you do something about it. This is me doing something about it. I'm putting my dream out there in hopes that the universe will hear. Someday, I will make this happen for myself. I am now accountable to make it happen because I put it out there. That's how I work! Here's hoping for sooner rather than later!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Three Months Old

Three months old. I can hardly believe it.

This last month has been my favorite so far. You can really tell the lights are on inside. He is curious about every small flicker of light or noise. He is responsive to tones of voice and even the tiniest expressions on our faces. If I frown a tiny bit, he frowns in response. He is amazing for a 3 month old. I cranes his neck to follow us around the room with his eyes and practically curls backwards to see us if he hears us from far away. There is much speculation to responsiveness in terms of vaccinated/unvaccinated babies. At this point, he takes 3-4 20-30 minute naps during the day. Then he sleeps 4-6 hour segments from around 11pm-10am; waking up only to eat, burp then fall back to sleep. On bath nights, I can sometimes get 8 hours! The time he is awake, he is happy 95% of the time. He only ever cries if he has bad gas or really needs something and I missed the signs.
He totally loves his puppies and watches them often. There is a picture below to prove it. I really think his favorite person is my dad. He smiled first "on purpose" for dad. Laughed the first time, giggled the first time and is happiest around my dad. I swear, its some voo-doo powers. Babies LOVE HIM! I was able to catch a little giggling at lunch with daddy today. I've been trying for a few weeks to get some laughter but he senses the camera and clams up.
He now sucks his thumb consistently and has been doing so for about a week. Today, I caught him double-thumbing it. I think he prefers them to his paci but I prefer the paci. You can take that away but there is only so much you can do to break thumb-sucking habits.
We've started cloth diapering now that his hips finally fill an actual diaper. I'm just on the infant-sized prefolds right now. He's too little for the all-in-ones that we've got. I'm still having fun though! They're so much cuter than disposables!
We had his 3 month appointment a couple of days ago. He is in the 96th percentile for height but only in the 6th for weight. The doc said he is healthy with the right amount of fat and he's gaining so there is nothing to worry about! I just have a long, skinny dude on my hands. We're going to do our first vaccination next month. The DTaP and the Rotovirus. I'm a nervous wreck and dreading it. I've heard many women I trust say their kids developed quirks that took a few weeks to subside after receiving shots. Please pray for my sanity and wisdom about these matters....and in general :). He now weighs 11.6 lbs. He's getting the cutest fat rolls on his legs! Loves it!!!! He eats like a champ so its about time!
His hair is still not much but he's getting this teeny-tiny little mohawk. Right down the center/top of his head, there is a line of hairs that are about an inch long. I keep trying to get pictures of them but they're so tiny and thin that its almost impossible.
He loves to look at TV when its on. Him and Greg cuddle on the couch and watch football together. He really seems to get whats goin on. He watches so attentively. I can almost picture 21 years from now--him with a beer and hot wings with Greg watchin the "big game". Cute!
I still love my moby wrap but he seems to like the Baby Bjeorn much more. The other day I strapped him into it for a trip around Costco. He smiled up at me and giggled most of the time. He loved to kick his little legs in the air. All of the ladies have to stop and oogle him because he's so cute. I get compliments everywhere I go and am finding it increasingly frustrating that people thing he's a girl. When I correct them, they say that he's to pretty to be a girl. Gggrrr. He is a boy! My pretty boy! I've heard baby modeling suggestions so many times that I'm now considering it. College fund!
Cole likes to sing and blab constantly. That kid is almost always telling me a story of some kind. Well, on Greg's birthday, I decided to take a video on my phone of us singing happy birthday. Cole totally played along and it was absolutely adorable! I sent it to him at work!
His three month appointment yielded some interesting results. He's perfectly healthy!! He is just an oddity. He is in the 96th percentile for length but only the 6th percentile for weight. He is a long, tall, skinny drink of water. Weird, huh? That explains why his clothes could fit two of him in width-wise but half of him length-wise.

Time capsule letter:

Dear Precious Baby,

You are unbelievable! You are so smart and joyful. You're everything we wanted without even knowing what to ask for! You make life so easy on us with your laid-back personality. You're happy about absolutely everything and so easy to fix when you're not. A passing fleck of dust makes you smile. I seem to catch you smiling for no reason at least 20 times in a day. Its almost as if you're remembering things from earlier that make you smile again.
My bond with you is so strong now. I can't remember what life was like before you, which means it wasn't worth remembering. I miss you when you're asleep and can't get enough of you when you're awake. The days go by too quickly. I'm watching each passing day go by on the calendar and wishing I could slow down time to half-speed. I love watching you grow and learn but I'm also scared at how fast the time is going. You're at such a precious stage and I want to enjoy it a little longer. I know the next stage will be all the more precious but I'm loathe to see this one pass. You now take your own pacifier out and play with it. When you're done studying it, you pop it back in. I clap and congratulate you because you're learning new skills but at the same time, I know in a few weeks time, its going to be old news to you. It seems like, by then, you'll be on to algebra or something. You are so so so smart. Everywhere I go, I hear firstly that you're the cutest baby ever and secondly that you are so alert and "with it". You're impressive to many more people than just your family so be proud little man!
Thanks for being mine and making each day magical! I'm the luckiest mommy ever!

Photos from the last month:

First Zoo Trip

Tough Guy

The dimples are starting to come out!!!!

Puppy Lovin!

First Tailgate party (with Aunt Nini)

Video of you giggling at grandpa

Melanie & Mark

Here are a few pictures I took of my big sister, Melanie's, wedding!!!

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