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Monday, November 22, 2010


So there I was, getting rained on and rapidly losing my temper at my dogs who were simply doing the exact opposite thing to everything I said. It was after 2pm and I hadn't done anything productive yet which included eating. It doesn't help that I'm severely hypoglycemic which added to my lack of patience. Then it hit me out of the blue...I hadn't fueled up yet. Its important in life to know and understand the things that fuel me because I need infusions constantly to truly appreciate life. So, I wrapped up my tiny in my favorite blanket, grabbed my coffee steaming in my favorite mug, my camera and a chair to watch the storm roll in. There are few things I love more than a rolling spring storm but I'll take what I can get. By the end, it had happened. Sometime between my sipping, my clicking and my snuggling, something in me had shifted. Suddenly, I couldn't stop smiling. I was happy and I even forgave my affable, albeit trying, dogs. Suddenly, the blessings in my life were all I could think about. My gorgeous home and the more simple thought of a roof over my head, central heating, a full pantry, clothing for me and my family, and more love than most people ever get to experience, to name a very small few.

And there is the blessing of the baby who drifts off by himself, sleeps long enough for me to write this post and then wakes up with this face!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Contest voting

Sorry, I know it was 3 posts in one day. I just got my American Baby Magazine and they've got a contest. Who couldn't use $1000?

Please vote for your favorite 6 in the comment section below

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tonight, I was going to write about real life. How the house is a mess and the laundry basket that's supposed to be holding this week's dirties is still holding last week's cleans and hence the dogs use the hapharzardly thrown mess of dirty clothes that sits in front of the washer as their new bed.

Instead, I'll leave you with these more uplifting thoughts

And this outfit was Greg's when he was a baby. Ridiculously cute!!

A few of my favorite things..

The following is a list compiled of my favorite things this week:

1. the first fire of the season and the faint smell of burnt wood while sipping my morning coffee the next morning
(I forgot to take a picture of the fire itself)

2. the photo op in front of it

3. fall colors

4. crisp, cold sheets... especially with drool stains! I know its weird but I love being freshly showered and sliding into a set of cold sheets. I find myself sprawled out like a crime scene chalk outline in order to soak up the cool sheets all to myself. Poor Greg

5. pre-christmas christmas cookies with extra powdered sugar and the white fingers and mustaches that go with them!

6. baby lashes lidded with pale lavendar

7. Freshly vacuumed carpet with lines

8. how my baby sleeps with his arms thrown above his head

9. these pictures!!

10. and the fact that I'm sitting on my bed with my legs in a v position with my baby in the exact same position in front of me while we both play with the laptop keys.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Magnetic Thumb

The kid is addicted to his thumb. Like, SERIOUS addiction. Its chapped from how often he sucks on it. When I'm nursing him, its as if it happens in slow motion. I see the hand start to twitch resting on his belly. Then, it slowly makes its way up to the mouth where he slides it in, regardless of what is already in that space. I guess he thinks he can still eat with it in there but he's always surprised to discover that it just doesn't work like that. He's startled by the loud sucking noise as he looses all suction. You'd think he would have figured out it doesn't work that way by now.


And, sometimes he misses.

And this is just because he's cute! Limb-chopping aside, he's got some pretty sweet air guitar going on!!! Total fluke this picture was taken when he was wearing a rocker onsie too!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Four Months

Yup, you read right. 4 MONTHS.
I'm sitting here watching him try to roll over flat on the floor for the first time. He's almost there. Best part, Greg is here! I'm so glad this first is happening while he gets to see it! They're nuzzled face to face on a blanket. Its ridiculously cute!

Its officially fall and too quickly turning to winter around here. I'm one to enjoy being snowed in and sitting snuggled by a fire with a good book or a cute husband but for only a few weeks. This whole 4 months of disgusting weather and murky brown snow on the roads is just too much. So, I'm going to do my best to soak up every moment of fall I can. I kind of missed summer due to the massive belly and recovering surgery time so I'm going to make up for it now! I love bundling him up in cute hats to protect those little stick-out ears. I love the little jackets that come with all his outfits this time of year. I love that I can hold him close when we're out to keep him warm instead of having to put him down because he was overheating. I love the acorns littering the ground around my parents home (not house but HOME). I love my mom's fall decorations that she has made by hand over the years (I'll take pics next time I'm out there and post 'em). I love how I'm going to scoop up a bunch of leaves and sit smack dab in the middle of them. I love sitting around bonfires while my brother serenades us with acoustical guitar. I can confidently say we are in the midst of the best St. Louis season! ....And, I love the cup of hot chocolate with the chintzy marshmallows and happy apples!

He's such a sweet sleeper. As if all babies aren't... Anyway, the night before and the night of Halloween, he slept straight through the night!! Since then, he's gone back to his normal schedule of waking every 3-5 hours to eat then passing out again. Sometimes he wakes up more often but I'm working on not feeding him every time he wakes up. I don't want him to get used to eating every time. I pull out the tricks like putting him in his swing until he drifts back off while I desperately cling to the last dregs of sleepiness in hopes that I can drift back off myself. It usually doesn't happen. Once he wakes up, I go into full-blown mommy mode. Once I'm up, I'm up. Its okay though because I get to listen to the peaceful sound of my tiny taking deep breaths in between swallows and feel his tiny toes tucked into my body in an effort to get even closer. There is nothing better than the time I get to spend with him nursing. I urge every woman to give it their best effort. The first few months were hard; more so for me than most women because of his "chomping" issues. But, now that we're "mostly" past that stuff, it is the best thing I have ever experienced! There is such a sense of accomplishment in knowing you are the one giving him what he needs. I beam with pride when I see his tiny fat rolls on his legs because my sacrifice is paying off. Also, selfishly, its the best getting to know I'm the only one who gets to fix those frowns.

Kelle Hampton said it best " I never can get over it...this loving having babies. And I can honestly say that I know I won't look back with regret. I know I won't want to shake that younger version of myself years from now and tell her to enjoy it while she has it. Because I do. Every bit of it. I savor the weight of her body and the way it falls into the hammock of my arms. I drink in her breathy exhales and the way she roots at my neck when I hold her close, smelling her mama's skin, wanting more. I cherish every second of nursing, the way her tiny fingers curl around mine, her thin lashes batting as her almond eyes lock their gaze onto mine, the perfect pout of her pink lips as they latch on and the relief of all nine pounds of her as she settles into pure satisfaction. And breathes--in and out, in and out--and with each suck, each breath, it's as if love is literally moving with the rhythm of our feeding ceremony."
"...but there is something so raw and beautiful about sustaining the life of the tiniest of forms and hanging on to the remnants of the physical connection we shared not so long ago. She grew inside me and I birthed her into this world and, as she grows and learns and drinks in this universe, it's just a constant reminder of the amazement and beauty of life."

He's perfecting his standing skills. He doesn't like to sit in laps much. He shoots his legs out ram rod straight to force you to help support him while he stands. If you're not careful, he can slide right off your lap. I started to put together his Baby Einstein jumper so he can use those legs to his heart's content. I'm going to have to call in some reinforcements though. It came in exactly 1,000,002 pieces. I exaggerate but seriously, its a baby toy. Don't they realize us new moms are strung out on no sleep and our only fuel is baby smiles and coffee. C'mon!

We have officially begun cloth diapering. The poor kid is still on the tiniest setting but we're lovin it! These things don't leak AT ALL!! The disposables always allowed bits of ickyness to seep out in one way or another causing me to have to do entirely too many loads of laundry for my liking.

I decided this morning that I think I'm going to home-school him. I'm kind of kidding. Those decisions can't really be made just yet but I like the idea of getting to be selfish with him longer. If I do, I'd only do it until high school. I'd want him to take advantage of the programs and sports high school has to offer. Plus, he'd get to sharpen his social skills before college. Now that he's here, I'm so addicted that I can't, at this point, fathom sending him off to school for some other woman to enjoy for 7 hours of his day. Wow, my craziness is flying its colors high right now. Ultimately, I will always do what is best for him but I'm just not ready to think about that now.

Cole has got the head lift down. He's still a little wobbly but he seems to be really proud of himself. I sit near his head beaming with pride until I have to massage my cheeks to soothe the cramping. His little eyes stretched so far up into his head to look for me with his head doing that slight, not-strong-enough bob. He's still not a huge fan of tummy-time but if I catch him in the rare, right mood, he'll go for a while and drool the whole time.

He's got the thumb-sucking thing down pat. He likes to suck on it so much that it often creeps in along side his pacifier or when he's eating. Its like a compulsive need to have the thumb in his mouth. He has no control over it. Now, his poor little knuckle is so chapped from being sucked on. I'd much rather he get attached to the pacifier because you can take that away at a certain age. The thumb you can't. Somehow, I'm going to have to trick him into not sucking his thumb so I can put some vaseline on it because he just won't keep gloves on anymore.

We've got a sitting man! He can only sit in his bumbo which has back support but I'd say its still a step in the right direction! He's fascinated with his new skills.

So I thawed a bottle of breastmilk for my M-I-L to have when Greg and I took a rare and much needed date night. She didn't need it so I called my mom the next day to see if she wanted the experience of getting to feed Cole. She hadn't gotten to yet and its just so cute. Well, after only ever drinking out of a bottle one real time before, he did great. He latched on, knocked her hands out of the way and held it himself. I'd imagine a kid that got bottles regularly might have developed those skills but he surprised me. He fed himself the whole thing.

Look at our new trick!! We discovered this was possible in the bath and I couldn't help myself. I had to style it and take a picture. He naturally has a thicker section of hair that grows right down the middle.

I haven't documented those adorable feet well enough. Here's to changing that habit!

Dear Cole-baby,
I love you so much. I want to drink in your delicious baby smell every moment of the day. It is impossible to get anything done because your expressive eyes pull me back to you like magnets. You are my whole world and I’d never want it any other way. You love me so much too! You seem happy and content when you’re in my arms and thats all a mother could ever want; to be the one to make you so.
You adore your daddy. Your face lights up at the very sight of him and when you hear him off in the distance, not even eating can keep you from searching for his face. He has a magical power over you that he flaunts over me. You fit so well into his warm body and you fall so quickly to sleep. And when you’re not tired, he makes you smile and giggle more than anyone.
I think you’re looking more and more like daddy every day and that’s a very good thing! I still hear that you’re an even mix of the both of us and it must be the best of both of us because you are so beautiful. You get a fan club wherever you go and I can just sense the other mommies wishing you were theirs. I wear my pride like a flag because there is no shame in being proud of such perfection.
Some of my favorite times with you are when you are waking up. You take a while to grasp that you’re no longer dreaming. You hold onto me so tightly while your eyes stray around the room to assess where you are and who is there. We’re so blessed to have loving visitors often and you usually wake up to a new face watching you sleep so sweetly. I know its selfish but I love how you see this new face and search desperately for the comfort of my face. Once you find me, you know you’re safe and can proceed with making a slave out of whoever is visiting. Because you do. You have such an amazing group of people who love and adore you. We hang on your every breath and bat of lashes. And how could we not? We’ve been blessed with the most beautiful and easy baby. Thank you for allowing me to be your mother and, therefore, the president of your fan club.
You’re also a total water baby. Up until this week, I was bathing you in a baby-bathtub in the sink but necessity caused me to take you into the tub with me and you LOVED it. I think you felt safer in my arms than on a hunk of plastic like your baby bath. We played for over thirty minutes. You kept stealing the cup I was using to pour water over your belly right out of my hand. I see many years of pool diving and beach bumming in our future! And, while I can’t wait to have those fun times with you, I so badly want to soak in the suds of your amazing infancy.
You have defined life for me and now all I want to do is live it. My world is full of warmth and color that I never knew it was missing. Thank you for being mine!



Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

I am one of the weird ones who thinks Halloween is awesome! I hate to be scared and I am a Christian and, therefore, against the demonic or evil stuff. I do love to watch the tinies running down the street showing off their costumes in a candy-high craze! The hopeful looks on their faces as you open the door and their hectic, searching gaze trying to find the best type of candy in your bowl.
This year added a whole new dynamic of excitement for me! I got to relive the excitement of my younger years with the new excuse of a child! We passed out a little candy from our house but spent the majority of the evening with our neighbors and walking around our street. We took our candy bowl with us so we were a roving trick-or-treat stop.
I find myself having to avoid the candy bowl like its the plague. I always buy too much. I think I subconsciously do it on purpose so there is plenty left for me. I thought I'd kept it under control this year but, surprise surprise, I was wrong.

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