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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Magnetic Thumb

The kid is addicted to his thumb. Like, SERIOUS addiction. Its chapped from how often he sucks on it. When I'm nursing him, its as if it happens in slow motion. I see the hand start to twitch resting on his belly. Then, it slowly makes its way up to the mouth where he slides it in, regardless of what is already in that space. I guess he thinks he can still eat with it in there but he's always surprised to discover that it just doesn't work like that. He's startled by the loud sucking noise as he looses all suction. You'd think he would have figured out it doesn't work that way by now.


And, sometimes he misses.

And this is just because he's cute! Limb-chopping aside, he's got some pretty sweet air guitar going on!!! Total fluke this picture was taken when he was wearing a rocker onsie too!


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