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Friday, December 31, 2010

past-due Christmas recap

christmas was AWESOME! i'm about to walk out the door so i'll give a quick recap in pictures. let it be said that i am the most spoiled girl in all of time. i got everything i wanted, asked for and wished for. cole got that and even more. i'm thinking we might have to turn our one and only guest room into a toy room for cole after this holiday.

and we ended the christmas season with these....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sneak peek of our day!

It was a perfect day!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Verdict is still out on the paint colors

We finally got some paint colors in our house. It didn't quite turn out like I expected but I've really warmed up to it. It could be safety orange and I'd still like it better than the stark white we've been looking at for 3 years. I'm very excited!! Up next...a photo gallery on the dining room wall!!! I've already got the frames. I just need to figure out how to arrange them!!

This is my dad 15" up in the air on my planter shelf. Crazy.

A Huge thanks to Greg, my dad, my mom, Clea (Greg's mom), and Terry (Greg's stepdad)!!! You add so much color to my life!!!

Christmas Decorating and Cole's first Tree

This year is Cole's first Christmas so we wanted it to be special, for the pictures at least. We know he won't remember but we will!

Your first snow!!

Five Months

the fifth month - Cole photo IMG_0335.jpg
the fifth month - Cole photo IMG_0240.jpg
3 days after his 5 month birthday (because I'm late on writing this post), He was crying so hard and I couldn't fix it. His mouth was wide open when I realized I saw something small and white in the back of his mouth. He had His first tooth!!!! And, it was a MOLAR! Crazy! It's not all that normal but its not uncommon. Since then, you grind the back of your jaw together to relieve the pain. When you do, your face looks like a perfect square. Hilarious! I couldn't figure out why you jammed your thumb so far back into your mouth but now I know. I can't get a picture of it though. It's very far back in your mouth and very tiny. ADDENDUM: The tooth only stayed out for about 3 weeks. Our pediatrician said that when the bones in the head are shifting so are the jaw bones. Its not surprising that we could catch a glimpse of a tooth for a while until the bones settle back into place.
the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth230.jpg

the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth259.jpg

Just after his 4 month birthday he started to do something that I always adored in babies. He started to rub his eyes with those chubby little fists when he got tired. I think that is the cutest thing ever. And, now that he's gaining some weight, he looks like he's had rubberbands around his wrists since birth. I love me some chubby baby!

the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth277.jpg

He is completely obsessed with the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

He loves the visualizer on Itunes. Its hypnotic for him.

the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth23.jpg
the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth11.jpg
nov 13th at 5:24 rolled from front to back. next morning at 9:18 rolled from back to front--both first times

Here is a picture of you grinding your jaw:

Some favorites over the last month.
Trying to capture that cute chin dimple
the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth185.jpg
the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth188.jpg
the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth198.jpg
the fifth month - Cole photo fifthmonth245.jpg

This disney babies outfit was Greg's when he was a baby. I'm so thankful Clea saved it. I just love that Cole got to wear it too!
the fifth month - Cole photo FifthMonth243.jpg

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