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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cole's Baptism/Dedication

Greg and I go to a non-denominational church. Its a branch off of the Assembly of God family of churches. Greg was raised Catholic and so we were in a pickle on how to approach a baby dedication service. Well, we could have saved ourselves a couple of months of arguing if we'd only asked our pastor outright what he thought. We nervously approached him eager to get his opinion as I was for a baby dedication service and Greg was for a christening service. I didn't think we would have an option to please Greg's catholic roots without doing a service in a catholic church and going through their process which I wasn't too keen on. Anyway, our pastor, being the awesome, open-minded guy that he is said he would do both! How cool is that? We did the full baby dedication service during the normal church service and, afterward, we did a small baptism service in his office for the catholic family members. Both were beautiful and so much more than we could have hoped! Cole slept through most of the dedication service and peacefully cooperated through the baptism. I love my little man so much! How did I get so lucky?

And afterward, my amazing family joined us for an unhealthy indulgence over smiles, laughter and love. Cole was born into the most loving family! I have no fears our doubt for this kid's life path because what can go wrong when you are adored and supported by this family!?!

It's funny about the topic of faith. I've always been strong in my faith. I knew what I knew and I wasn't gonna be shaken. I was surprised, however, to find that my faith was nothing compared to what it was going to be when this little man entered my life. I remember laying in that horrid hospital bed watching him sleep and was startled to realize that I had been praying for him for a long time. It wasn't the drugs, delirium or lack of sleep. It was my faith growing. My gratefulness for this little life awakened a more personal relationship with God. I had been praying for his footsteps through life, the people who will influence him and even his wife, all before I even realized that I was even praying. It just happened. Like an involuntary reflex. Since that first time, I've found it happening several more times. I'll be adoring him when, suddenly, I come to realize that my brain is thinking actual words more than just the stream of colors my emotions usually seem to me. Its beautiful and wonderful. I've never felt so centered and connected. It is a beautiful peace that comes with being so grateful for such a miracle. My miracle or "mira-cole"!!


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