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Friday, January 28, 2011

a miracle... and a photo dump

so there I was at 4 am feeding the baby for the third time that night when i realized i couldn't do it that way anymore. he was in a pattern of waking every 2-3 hours crying. i'd feed him and he'd fall right back to sleep. he's slept through the night several random times in the past so i knew he was capable but he just wouldn't. the swaddling thing helped a lot for a couple of nights but then it went right back to the normal routine. so, i finally heeded the advice i'd received over and over again and downloaded On Becoming Baby Wise on my kindle. i made it half way through the book in a couple of hours. its geared more toward newborns so i was able to skip over a few chapters. i implemented what i'd learned that day and night and it had already made a difference. i was more confident in my actions (i joked to greg that cole can smell fear) which i think made a huge difference but i practiced everything i'd already learned with amazing results. cole slept from 12:30am-8am. he then ate, fell right back to sleep and woke again at 1pm. the book says your baby slept the right amount if they wake up cooing and are happy. i was gently awakened by the sounds of cole cooing and talking softly to himself in his crib over in the corner. yeah, that's right. i went back to sleep and slept til 1pm right along with him. i'm "catching up". he was so happy that whole day. the book stresses that they need to play right after they eat otherwise they associate nursing with naptimes and can't sleep without it which is exactly what had been happening with us. as a result, cole only took two 5 minute naps yesterday because he drifted off while nursing but he kept up the motions so i wasn't sure how asleep he was. he wouldn't take any other naps but wasn't unhappy and didn't cry once the entire day. i bathed him and got him back into bed last night at 12:30 again (we're night owls) and he slept straight through til 7am, ate then went right back to sleep til noon. crazy, right? i'm on cloud nine right now. he was happy all thorough the morning and drifted off for a nap on his own, not being nursed, at 2:45pm. ITS NOW 4:49 AND HE'S STILL OUT!!! the book stresses that a baby that gets the right amount of healthy sleep is a happy baby. one that sleeps well at night will nap well during the day and that babies 7 months old should be taking 2 one and a half to two hour naps a day. he's starting to stir now but there are no tears. he's waking up happy. i barely recognize this kid. he's always  been what i would call an easy baby but this is a breeze. i can now understand how some moms are able to do things like laundry or cook when they have a baby. my average meal consists of spaghettios or frozen popcorn chicken because of ease. he's only ever taken 2-3 twenty minute naps. EVER.  i ate what i could fit in. not healthy eating habits. especially for a breastfeeding mom. seriously, i'm writing a blog post in the middle of the day. i can only usually do that by sacrificing what little sleep i can get after i finally get him in his crib at night. i'm ecstatic!!

i've always been of the stance that mothering should come naturally. especially to someone like me with a baby-crazy nurturing personality. i knew the basic principles of how to raise a healthy and stable baby but the day to day skewed my perception a little bit. i couldn't see the forest through the trees. i always told my sister that she shouldn't jump up at the first peep and, while reading this book, i realized i've been doing that without realizing it. my relationship with greg has suffered. we never talk or finish a conversation or meal together because i'm summoned away. i didn't realize we had both become child-centered parents. anything and everything baby came before us. it explains why we've been struggling to see eye to eye for so long. i've always heard life with a new baby is the toughest on a marriage but i was a bit blind-sighted by just how difficult it has been. but, already, these past two days have felt so different. sleep for me was a big factor but we're both happier spending the happy-cole-times focusing on exchanging stories about our day or how we feel about things going on around us. guys, i have a totally cool husband. he told me a really funny and sad story that i just have to pass on.

well, he had to bite the bullet and go back to a job that doesn't make him happy. in fact, it makes him rather depressed. its only temporary but he still is in a tough spot. he's working in a warehouse with non-existent heat, proper bathroom or even a microwave. its a factory where he works with disgusting, smelly and rather dangerous chemicals and materials. he works from 4:30 pm - 12:30 ish am. he's got a few guy friends he works with but its not the type of work he likes to be doing. okay, so onto the story. you know how in prison, you hear about inmates becoming friends with the mice or rats out of desperation? well, my husband has his very own prison mouse. they named him franklin. he's still a young mouse. greg takes food to him and has told me several stories over the past few days that make me honestly grateful that my husband has a pet mouse at work. that's how bad it is. but isn't that kinda cute?

my house is turned up side down right now with the upsurge in cleaning i'm experiencing with having a proper amount of sleep under my belt and a baby that is content to jump in his jumper and watch me work. all of the upholstery has been removed from my couch and has been put through the washer. they're drying hanging from chairs, chandeliers and door frames. i'm considering pulling my carpet shampooer out tomorrow to remove the dirty snow stains all through our entryway. this is going to be the kind of night i love. i call it a good night when the machines are going. washer, dryer, crock pot, oven, dishwasher and, maybe, if cole is very good, the bread maker! i might even get some use out of the stereo. yah, my electrical usage is going to be through the roof tonight but it will feel so good to be that productive! can't wait.

and whats a post without some pictures (and a video)

He is due for his first hair cut because of a few random hairs but this one takes the cake. Its over 3 inches long and makes me giggle. It sticks straight up and is at least 2 inches longer than any other hair.

He's going to have drawing skills like Greg. I'm so jealous.

i just really like this picture; the way greg's arms are wrapped around cole.

no...i didn't let him have any soda. he just wanted so badly to have a taste and this made him happy. i'm an indulger and an enabler. i admit it.

we're inches deep in snow here. my dogs absolutely love it.

my dad is magnetically drawn to cole. he can't help himself. he finds that he's turned off at my exit without even thinking about it. i love it so much. its delicious. just to see the amount of love they have for each other.


he's gonna hate me someday but i can't help but crack up at the poop face. we call it his "ruprecht face". follow the link to understand why. if you're in a hurry, skip ahead to 5:45. the entire clip is more than worth your time and the movie is an old fav of mine.

everything gets tasted nowadays. EVERYTHING. i kiss his cheek and wind up getting an accidental french kiss.

his toes are no longer the curly baby toes. in the last couple of weeks, they've taken on some independence and stretched out to explore the world. he has rather long toes so it makes a statement. i'm sad to see the tiny, curly, baby toes go but these are dog-gone cute too. don't they look more like little boy feet?


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