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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Six Months

  it was there last night, as i held my freshly bathed and nursed tiny that i realized that life doesn't get much better than this. i noticed for the first time that he is really starting to look like greg. he lay nuzzled in my arms with his mouth slightly open and it struck. this feeling of familiarity beyond my son. he looked just like greg sleeping like that. it was a moment of pride and joy.

  i'm so in love with my tiny that he occupies my every thought. in a good way and not an obsessive mother kind of way. its always subtle and i like it. for example, when i think of greg, i now see him as daddy-greg (a gift i wouldn't trade for the world). cole permeates my life to add the most beautiful color to any thought or moment or experience. its an amazing transformation. and he is at such a sweet age. he is becoming more of a little boy and less of a baby. i so badly want to hang onto every moment but i'm coming to realize that each phase isn't something to dread because the previous one is over but something to rejoice in for the richness it has added to my life. its much like water. i hold it in my hand and watch as it seeps through my fingers. i want to hold on longer but that water has a mind of its own. sometimes, i try to squeeze too hard to prolong my contact with it but those are the times the water escapes too quickly. i get more time with the water and can enjoy it more if i let it flow and enjoy it while it lasts. silly analogy but it works.
  six months is an awesome age and i plan to enjoy every passing second. as i mentioned before, the baby stuff is already trickling away and the little boy stuff is becoming ever more present. he is learning and changing so quickly. last night, for the first time, he sat on his own. i pulled him up from laying down and watched as he propped himself up on his arms and surveyed his surroundings from a new viewpoint. he seemed excited and proud at the same time. being me, of course, twisting and reaching for my camera to capture this glorious moment, i made an oops and wasn't there to catch as he dive-bombed but my tough little man shook it off quickly and was ready to try again. this time, i preemptively set my camera on a ledge and used the remote control to snap some pictures so my hands could stay close.

  that wasn't his only first on his 6 month and 1 day birthday. during our evening bath time, he stood holding the ledge for a good 10 minutes needing no support from me. he grinned that toothless grin the whole time and occasionally looked back over his shoulder to make sure i was there and smiling too. he is so adorable. he also started mimicking sounds that he hears. my leg rubbed against the marble in the tub to make that wet screeching, grunting sound and he mimicked it with his voice. the more i giggled the louder he went. also, my little genius discovered that water can be caught in a cup. we have these bath cups that have 3 holes in the bottom to let water trickle through. i always fill one and hold it up high so the water falls in front of him. he loves to try to catch the streams of water as if they were strings. well, tonight, he decided that the water was escaping too quickly so he reached for another floating cup and deliberately held it under the stream of water to catch it. i thought it was a fluke but every time i did it, he picked up a cup and caught the water in his. and, i got my tiny to bed before 1am. that is quite an accomplishment as i've been trying to get him down earlier for over a month now. he is such a night owl like us that i didn't fight it too hard for a while but this last month has been dedicated to wearing him out to get him down earlier. it hasn't worked one tiny iota until tonight. normally, he's quite happy to go to bed at 2am or sometimes later. i think he waits for greg to get home at 1:30am and then he's okay to be put to sleep. not tonight though. we played and played hard and it paid off. either that or he has a concussion from falling down during our sitting escapade. kidding but what a horrible thought.

  this last month held his first christmas, first snow, first vaccination (the evil DTaP) which he handled extremely well, and a case of thrush. christmas was right out of a fairy tale. we've been so blessed with the people in our lives. and all of them love cole so much that they couldn't control the spending when it came to christmas presents. he got spoiled rotten. we have no shortage of clothes or toys. in fact, i had to buy more storage and shelving to contain it all.
  his six month check up yielded some surprising results. he's now a whopping 13.2 pounds. he is weighing in the 0 percentile but its nothing to worry about as he is steadily gaining. to look at the kid, i can't understand how he can only be 0 percentile. kid is definitely lean but he's got plenty of padding. his little wrists look like he had rubberbands around them in the womb that never got removed ( a point of extreme cuteness). he is now only in the 85th percentile for height so he's slowing down a bit in the length department. due to lack of insurance, this was his first appointment since 3 months. the doctor, part way through, asked how the food was going. i honestly hadn't realized he had expected us to start doing that yet. we hadn't seen him in so long. my research has made me glad i didn't start him earlier as they aren't ideally capable to handle food until six months old. now that we have started, i can tell that he's really gaining quickly. his chubby cheeks have gotten even chubbier.

  they say that when your child starts to show interest in what you're eating that its time to start them on something more than milk. cole started following the trail of our forks at around five and a half months of age. he'd watch us dip our utensil into the food and watch it make its way into our mouth, and repeat. i felt so bad and it was that week that the doctor gave us the order to start solid food. mom and i trucked our way to the nearest target and bought infant rice cereal. the next day, i mixed it with breastmilk to the instructed consistency, set up the video camera on our tripod and giggled our way through his first feeding. greg and i both got to feed him. before his first bite, i set the bowl down on the table next to him to get myself situated and hit record on the camera and when i looked, he was straining his face toward the bowl with his mouth wide open. this kid instinctively knew that was for him and to open wide. he was a champ. a natural if you will. and, with parents like us, i'm not surprised. he gobbled down the entire bowl and was obviously hungry for more. i resisted the temptation to give him more so i could monitor his adjustment to food closely. you never know if your kid will react to something. no reactions at all. the next day i gave him his evening bowl of cereal but upped the amount of cereal to milk so it would be a little thicker and easier to feed. bad move. it was too much too quickly and the poor kid got constipated. 4 and a half days later, we got a poop. thankfully i hadn't fed him any more after that second bowl. i had just been recommended by our pediatrician to go get some baby apple juice, pureed prunes and glycerin suppositories to try in that order with 6 hours in between each to see if we could get some results. i fed cole and started to get him ready to go to the store. i always talk to him as his reactions make for some scintillating conversation. i mentioned that i was headed to the store for some suppositories and within 30 seconds, i got the poop face. kid knew his options and that pooping was the easiest one out of all of them. personally, i'd have enjoyed some sugary apple juice before giving in but he saved me a trip on snowy roads.

i took pictures of cole's first feeding but i can't find my backup camera at the moment so i'll have to come back and add in the pictures from his first feeding. If you want to see 'em, check back some other time. :(

  i feel safe saying that cole sleeps through the night (knock on wood). its been a few weeks now that he has slept 6+ hours each night in his crib in our room. then he wakes up to eat for an hour and goes back down snuggled in bed next to me for 2-3 more. most nights we get 9 or more hours of actual sleep.    i. am. grateful.  can i hear an amen?!  one morning, i woke up to check on him and he had done his back arch thing and his butt was resting on the side of his sleep positioner thing. so, i repositioned him and went back to sleep. the next night i decided he'd outgrown it so i took it out. he woke up every five minutes until i put that thing back in. i keep the two bump things pretty close together so he is snuggled tightly between them. i think it makes him feel like he's being held. now i just get up a few extra times to check on him but nothing like that has happened in the couple of weeks since the first time.

  we have a tiny case of thrush going on. for those of you that don't know, thrush is basically yeast. gross, right? but, i have been reassured by his doctor, my obstetrician and my research that it isn't from a lack of hygiene on my part. i've actually been paranoid about this particular infection since birth so i over clean myself and even wear loose shirts and go braless at night because yeast thrives in moist dark places. short of sitting in my front yard topless under the sun, there isn't anything else i could have done. i boil his pacifiers obsessively anyway. some bodies just produce more yeast. it could be that he is a thumb sucker. another theory is that his antibodies were fighting down his normal bacteria because of the flu that i had. bacteria and yeast keep each other in check so when one gets out of balance, the other one grows rampant. that seems most likely to me. anyway, as of the 17th, the doctor wasn't concerned about the tiny white spots on the inside of his lip. since then, its gotten a bit worse but doesn't seem to bother him. the bad part is that he's given it to me. it comes with a considerable amount of pain as well as a decrease in milk supply. oh goody. i had to supplement with formula to mix with his once-a-day cereal feeding because i couldn't get any out with my cheap pump. i'm going to set my alarm nightly to get up mid-way through that 6 hour stretch of sleep to pump. the more they eat, the more you make. plus, that will give me enough milk to use with his cereal the next night. win, win...except for the sleep issue. thank God i'm a stay at home mom right now.

  not much else to report, other than that he is going off to college next week. kidding. crazy fast.

now, for my letter to cole:

Dear bubba,

  you are so cool! i mean like, way too cool for words. you are so easy on me. you are the type of baby every girl should get for their first. you're so good at making me smile when it really should be the other way around. you do smile for absolutely everything though. you're favorite things to make you smile are clapping rapidly and when mommy makes surprised sounds. something about that quick intake of breath gets you going. when i shower, you play happily on the floor. when i cook, you decide to take your naps. when i'm tired, you snuggle close and take a nap too. when i'm stressed, you do something extra special to make me smile, laugh and stop to enjoy you. sometimes i get so preoccupied with chores that i miss moments that should be spent loving on you. you've held true to your genes meaning you're a world-class snuggler. oh they're so delicious. i wish i could bottle your snuggles up and distribute it to the world. thats a true solution for world peace.
  you are so smart. i can see you learning before my eyes. you're also getting so confident and strong. when you get curious about something, you find out what you want. you're curious what the lambs feel like on your swing's mobile so you bolt your hand out and grasp with no hesitation. everything you do, you do on purpose now.

  you love to roll around. i tease that you're my little mexican jumping bean. you happily flip flop back and forth and sometimes, you get on a roll and keep going til you reach your destination. you're surprisingly fast too. it takes you a few seconds to roll from one side of the blanket to the other. there is no turning my back for a second.

  you're favorite gadgets are still your swing which is a fool-proof way to keep you happy for 15 minutes and often to put you to sleep. you love your time spent in your baby einstein activity jumper. your feet touch more surface than just the toe skimming you've been doing up til now, resulting in one bouncing baby. while i mention these expensive gadgets, you're perfectly happy to play on the floor. you're happy with a few noise maker toys around you or just my face close.
   you still don't care much for tv except football...much to daddy's pleasure. i don't know if its the big green field or the cheering crowds but you love to watch it. its something you and daddy can do together so, as much as i'm jealous, i use that time to get stuff done and allow 'guy time' to commence. i'm happiest when its all over though because you're back to wanting nothing but me. what can i say? i'm addicted.
  my guilty pleasure used to be chocolate but now, its your toes. they are so adorable and even expressive. you splay them out when you're excited or happy and curl them in close when its snuggle time or you're being tickled. its winter so i try to keep them bundled up but, now and then, i have to slip them out of their tiny socks to nuzzle my nose under your toes. they're long and flexible so you curl them around my nose or fingers. and, as you're not walking and the only thing your tiny feet touch is the inside of a clean sock, i sometime steal smooches. so delicious.

  who are you at 1/2 of a year old? you are the sunshine that makes me eager to soak in the rays. you are the reason for being for daddy and me. you are the love of every one's life. you are curious, joyful, content, lovable and beautiful. you are my morning kisses and my nighttime snuggles. you are my inspiration for creativity, beauty and adventure. you are my cole baby.
  thanks for all of the smiles, warm moments and happy memories. i love you to pieces!

love forever, 
mommy love


clea January 6, 2011 at 11:44 PM  

Valerie, that is so beautiful that I just don't know what to say except - - thanks for sharing it with those that love you and Cole . . .

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