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Saturday, February 5, 2011

7 Months Old

This last month has been the most fun so far. This is such an amazing age. His personality is so clear and entertaining. He is intelligent and can communicate much more effectively. He smiles and laughs at just about anything. His happiness is contagious. At times, we even get glimpses of a small temper which I’m struggling to learn how to handle the correct way.

He loves to stand. 75% of his awake time is spent in his Baby Einstein Activity Jumper. He is so happy in it. He bounces for hours. And, if I put on a Baby Einstein Infant Mozart Video, he doesn’t have enough attention capable to give me any. His eyes are glued to the screen. He would watch that movie 5 times in a row. He watched it 3 times while we had guests a few days ago. I had heard that Baby Einstein dominated the market but I had no idea just how much babies love their stuff. The videos are surprisingly simple. Mostly, it is just a hand playing with various baby toys to Mozart music. What a genius and lucrative idea.

He is curious about everything now. While taking his photos today, he was entirely too curious about the light socket. So, I will be going later today to buy some baby proofing items. He rolls faster than some kids crawl, I dare say. I can’t take my eyes off him for a second because he’ll be into something. I love this age for the milestones he’s reaching but I’ve been dreading the day when he would become mobile. I know its just another part of the process but it is so much more work and even more money.

I knew he would become mobile eventually but I wasn’t too worried about helping it along. Everyone stresses the importance of tummy-time. We tried it often but he hated it so I didn’t push it. Now, in the last week, he insists on being on his belly. If I lay him on his back, immediately he flips over. When I put music on, he even bounced his butt up and down and tucked his legs under himself. I knew it was instinctual and was proven right by him figuring it out all on his own and right on time too.

I am eternally indebted to the book On Becoming Baby Wise for our current and perfect sleep situation. He takes two solid naps a day. At each, I watch for the signs of sleepiness while we’re playing and when I spot them, I swaddle him and put him in his crib. Usually, he’s out within 3 or 4 minutes. He hasn’t cried at all. And, he sleeps from around midnight to 9ish without waking. Often, he’ll eat and go right back to sleep. A. MAZ.ING!!! I am so grateful. Things are getting done and happiness is had by all! The book stresses the importance of a solid night’s sleep. If a baby sleeps well, he’ll eat well, nap well and be a happy and easy baby. Its so true. Right away, he responded to the simple methods in the book and was a new baby. Literally, in under one day. He was a snack eater eating every 2-3 hours. Now he eats 5 or 6 solid meals a day. He takes long naps and wakes up so happy. And, at night, I allow him to fall asleep while nursing and he stays asleep all night. Can you tell I am so elated at the outcome? Kinda gross but even his number 2s have become more regular where he was suffering with constipation before. See?......

He’s been getting 2 meals that are more than just breast milk. After the morning feeding, he gets baby oatmeal mixed with water and around the 6-7 feeding he gets some fruit or vegetables. So far he has had green beans, squash, peas and carrots of the pureed variety. We followed some online baby feeding guidelines that said we could try some squished up avocado and banana by now too. The avocado was a disaster. I mushed and mushed but he still choked. He went over 45 seconds without a breath. It was the scariest minute of our lives. I did the baby Heimlich to no avail. Twice I had to scoop my finger down his throat to try to remove the blockage. That didn’t work. Finally, the jostling or the finger scoop caused him to throw up which must have dislodged the evil little food particle. We won’t be trying anything like that for a couple more months. He just wasn’t ready. He did get introduced to baby apple and pear juice this month too. We water it down but he loves it. He can’t get enough. His eye follows the path of the bottle or sippie cup (we use both) until I bring it back to his mouth. His communication, though without words, is so clear. He is able to signal when he needs to swallow and when he is ready for another drink or bite. I can’t remember the last time he cried. He’s great at signaling sleepy, gassy, teething, or thirsty. He reaches for any glass he can see if he’s thirsty. It’s so cute.

Another development this last week has been his reaching for us. When he’s done in his jumper, he puts his arms up for us to come get him. A few times he’s reached for me with both arms when someone else was holding him. I know its sad for them but it is so amazing for me. He sits happily on the couch next to me and plays with toys but when he’s done or tired, he dive bombs into my arms with his arms up for me to catch him. Its worked every time so far. And, if he wants to nurse, he’ll nuzzle in close with his arms around me. His signals are so clear to me. I never expected to be able to understand this much with him being so young. He is so good at letting me know what he wants or needs. He has the most expressive eyes too. They give everything away.

A new form of entertainment has taken shape in our dogs. He watched them before but suddenly they’re hilarious to him. He laughs every time one walks by him. He watches the motion of the tails like he’s never seen something so funny. And when they wrestle, its all over. Our dogs sound like Wookiees from Star Wars when they go into wrestle mode. They both hold their mouths open and howl like Chewbacca. Cole thinks its hilarious. For that matter, so do we.

We’re still battling the thrush issues. I’d say its almost gone. We’ve been doing oral drops 4 times a day. He’s supposed to hold it in his mouth for 30 seconds. Yah. Try telling an infant to hold sweet liquid in their mouth for 30 seconds. Not. Gonna. Happen. So, its sticking around longer than it should have. I boil his pacifiers after a few hours or if they come into contact with anything other than his mouth or hand. Its just a stubborn case.

Cole has a favorite TV show. Its called How I Met Your Mother. I find it funny and don’t mind it occasionally playing in the background. Cole, however, is obsessed with the theme song. It wakes him out of a deep sleep, comes between him and his food, and diffuses any sadness he has. Whatever he is doing, he will stop instantly and strain to see the tv through the entire song that plays during the closing credits. Usually, he smiles and giggles through it too. I’m going to have to make it my ring tone or something. Its to the point where I feel bad watching it when he is in his crib behind closed doors because he can’t enjoy the song. I don’t want him to miss out on something that makes him so happy.

**sorry there haven‘t been many pictures lately. I lost an S-card that was loaded with pictures. I didn’t actually loose it but a plastic piece broke off and made it useless. I couldn’t get anything off of it.

Dear Cole,

You are perfect! Plain and simple. You’re smart, content, happy, patient and the perfect amount of sleepy. You’re an awesome cuddler as long as cuddle time doesn’t coincide with flip-flop time. You love to sit in your boppy pillow surrounded by 5 or 6 toys for you to rotate playing with. You love to skype with Grandpa Tracy. For that matter, you love anything having to do with Grandpa Tracy. That man gets more giggles out of you than anyone. Though, daddy and I are close behind.

You are crazy about your dad at this phase. He is working til late at night but, if you’re still awake, you strain your tiny body to get the earliest glimpse of him possible. When you do, you light up. We’re hoping you two will get more time together soon because you just aren’t happy with the current amount; understandably so. I’m hearing that you look more like your daddy every day. Until recently, I hadn’t heard that much. As your face grows, you are taking on daddy’s best features.

Also, you love me. I’ve always known it but there is something profoundly reassuring in your reaching for me. You choose me over everyone else and are always happy when you’re in my lap or arms. Every time I see you looking for me or reaching for me, my heart gets elevated to a level I can’t describe. To love something so much and to have it return your love is the most amazing gift. I will never tire of you choosing me so please never stop. I won’t be one of those moms who can’t let go but always remember that the simple action of displaying your love for me voluntarily is the best gift you could ever give me.

I adore every day with you more and more. And, though I’m happy you are sleeping so well, I am sad that it takes away even more of my time with you. I miss you when you sleep and count down the hours until we wake and play through the day all over again. You are learning and changing so quickly. I am so proud of who you are and am so lucky to get to call you mine.

I love you to pieces little man! My own bubba.




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