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Sunday, March 6, 2011

8 Months Old

Cole's 8 month on this earth was nothing short of adorable. He has learned so much. He oozes personality and, biased or not, charm. Absolute Perfection!!

We have us a standing man. He's got the sitting unassisted thing down. He's got the rolling over thing down. I think he decided to skip the crawling and will go straight to walking. Although, when on his stomach, he loves to dig his toes in and stick that but up into the air. I'm in no hurry for this kid to get mobil because he's a mover already. I can't imagine how much that will increase when he uses his legs to move in addition to his other extremeties.
i love his little jammied body with the massive cloth diaper

On Valentine's day, he learned how to clap. Now he does it a lot. He hasn't quite figured out how to make the loud sound but he has the motions down. During this last week, he has mastered the wave. Now, he waves at everything and everyone. He attracted so many people to my dad's booth at the home show because he was waving them down. Who wouldn't stop? I think we should have been charging a commission. His true love is still the ceiling fan so he spends much of his time smiling and waving at the various ceiling fans throughout our house. He now gets that the remote to the fans is what makes them move. Everytime we walk through the door to our bedroom, he does a mad struggle to reach around us and snag the remote from its holder on the wall as we walk by. He often gets it. Then, he lays there in absolute bliss turning the lights on and off, dimming them and turning the fan on. It is his favorite pasttime. Who woulda thought?
Eating is going really well. He still nurses often which, at this point, is still supposed to make up the main part of his diet. He usually nurses upon waking at 9-10ish followed by oatmeal and apples or pears, again when he wakes up from his nap around 3, again at 7 followed by two types of vegetables and a few bites of apples or bananas for dessert and nurses one more time as we are going to bed between 11 and 12. He is pudging up quite nicely. We tried the baby meats 3 different times. Each time, he would keep it down for about 5 minutes then end up violently throwing up. He turns purple each time and throws up so much that he can't get a breath in for a long time. Obviously, after 3 attempts, we can rule out any other factors so we're probably not going to do those baby meats. Many people wait to do the meats until the child can actually chew pieces of meat so it looks like will be our path. The kid is a fickle meat eater...just like me. Genetics are weird.
He finally cut in those tiny little teeth. We only have the two bottom guys so far but he is not afraid to use them. He's got it down and it hurts. Its okay though. He has only done it a few times and my reactions seem to be getting through to him. He always looks sorry and he's getting better about keeping them away.
We're still cloth diapering. Many thought we wouldn't stick with it but I love it so far. I just do a load of laundry every few days to get them smelling squeaky clean. Its so worth it when I think about the money we're saving...not to mention the landfills. They're really easy to clean too. I was once on cold with detergent, once hot with detergent, 2 rinse cycles on cold and put in dryer on the air only setting for an hour. If the sun is shining, I prefer to let them hang outside as the sun kills yeast and bacteria and bleaches out any stains as well as removing any residual odors. It may sound like a lot but its really not. I have this cute pop-up rack that they hang on. Not sure what the neighbors think about it as it stands on my front porch but who cares.
he wound up in the laundry basket which he thought was hilarious

My cogs are working constantly on cute ideas for his first birthday party. I already have dozens of crafts to do and more ideas than my brain can handle. I'm forcing myself not to work on it until I can get our stinkin taxes done. We just got the last document we needed but I have to get together all hospital paperwork and the 3 inches of bills since as we may qualify for some deductions. I pray that we do. We're still drowning in hospital bills here.

Greg and I had our first tiff about schooling types. I honestly have no idea how we stumbled on this subject but it got entirely too heated as we are still several years away. My first choice is a montessori school and my second is homeschooling. His first is Catholic school and his second is any other kind of private school. We both agree that public school is our last choice but, the way finances are going, it may be our only choice. I was homeschooled and, as a result, got to be exposed to so many experiences that no one else I know did. On any given day, we would take a picnic basket and go do schoolwork in Forest Park. We learned economics by doing entirely too much shopping. I got to do way more sports and activities due to my ample free time not listening to a teacher drone on. I taught myself mostly. My mom mapped out what I had to have done at the end of each week. Often times, I'd get it all done in one day and spend the others exploring nature or reading books. My brain works best late at night so I was free to do my learning when I was most able to absorb it. As a result, I was completely done with all high school classes by the age of 15 and a half. I started college classes then and completely held my own. I realize that not all personality types can learn this way so I'm open to other options for him but I absolutely loved being home schooled. The important thing is to keep the child socialized. Home schooling has such a bad rap because kids become socially awkward in the absence of constant peer contact. My mom did it just right. I did any sports or, in my case, as many ballet classes as I wanted. I danced 15-20 hours a week at my studio. We were constantly involved in youth group activities with our church as well as two others. I could go on and I won't. This is a post about Cole.
I can't figure out exactly what his eyes are doing. Greg has baby blue eyes that can sometimes turn green in the right lighting or if he is in the right mood. I have dark brown eyes. My mom always called me M'n'M eyes. Cole's turned brown shortly into his precious little life. They have since turned into a slate type of gray with brown around the inside. They really couldn't be any darker. Some days the brown takes over and sometimes the black takes over. I keep trying to get good photos of it but do you realize how hard it is to get an upclose photo of an infant's eye?
he does this backbend thing all the time. I can't lay him flat without him doing it within seconds. he digs his heels in and goes to town over and over again. I'm worried about his poor little neck.

We had his 8 month check up yesterday. He weighed 16pounds even. That puts him in the 3rd percentile for weight but our doc isn't concerned. Cole is steadily gaining and his fat little wrists and ankles aren't lacking. He hasn't grown in length much since our last appointment. He was 28 inches which puts in in the 45th percentile which is down from the 85th that he was last time. His head circumference percentile has remained unchanged. 97th. Greg and I both had large heads as babies and we have passed it on to our little man. Hats will be a challenge but it is just more room for the brains. Its odd but I get compliments on the shape of Cole's head often. It is perfectly round but when I look at a stranger's baby, I don't look for head shape. But, apparently, plenty of other people do.

He got the second half of the DTaP shot. Its so mean and leaves me broken hearted. He looks at me with those precious eyes and his expression turns to pure horror as that evil nurse jabs him with that needle. Its all I can do not to deck her. I realize it is for the best but I have impulse-control issues. He hasn't gotten any HIB shots yet which he should have had two based on the vaccination schedule we planned before he was born. So, we talked to doc and the only way to get that shot was in a combo with the DTaP and Polio. I have a beef with so many viruses being put into little man at once so we're doing as few shots as possible and spacing them out over double the time of the normal vaccination schedule. Anyway, it was either the DTaP alone or combined with HIB and Polio. I got the brand name and looked up the ingredients before we did it in my reference book and on the packaging. The combo shot has aluminum, formaldehyde and cow serum which the reference book says is simply cow blood. None of those ingredients were in the single DTaP shot so we went with that. Vaccines are a tricky subject with me. There are well over three times as many shots being given now than I was ever given as a child. After speaking in length with our baby doctor, we have eliminated many of the ones with a higher risk of side effects for a virus that hasn't been seen in the US in 50 years and the like. To each his own. A big part of me wishes I wasn't such a nervous nilly about this but I can't help it. I will not be one of those parents who's child gets a horrible disease and passes it along because I refused to get him vaccinated. We are doing all vaccinations our doctor feels important in even the smallest way but we are spreading them out so it is not these huge strains of potentially fatal viruses coursing through his system before he can even communicate what he is feeling as a result. He will have all shots that a child on a normal vaccination schedule has by the age of 2 by the age of 4. We're basically going half-time which we're able to do as we don't have to do a daycare or anything else that requires current vaccinations. After reading and reading, we both felt strongly about this. P.S. I love my husband!

Cole is still obsessed with the closing credits theme song on "How I Met Your Mother" but the closing song on "Glee" is a close second. We don't watch much tv around here but those always catch his attention. He is still obsessed with the Baby Einstein's Baby Mozart dvd for 3 month olds. I've tried the other dvd's that are more for his age but he couldn't care less. I honestly don't get it but it keeps him highly entertained and allows me to make dinner while I know he is watching something educational. Only once through though. I will not allow the term "electronic babysitter" ever to be used regarding us or in our parenting descriptions.
Sorry. I know this was a long post. We have had nothing but slushy, freezing weather causing me to get cabin fever and the winter blues for over a month now. I haven't written a word on here since his last month birthday. I will be better about it this long as the sun holds up his end of the deal. Its almost spring. I just hope he got the memo.


Dear Cole,

 You are my buddy. I've called you that for a while but it truly didn't apply until recently. You have so much life and personality. You choose me for more than just your basic instinct of hunger. You see me and light up. You reach for me anytime I'm in sight of you but not holding you. We chill and watch an occasional tv show but mostly we play play play. You are learning and changing so fast. My favorite times are in the morning after you have eaten but we're still cuddled up in bed. You're so affectionate and cuddly. You play with my face and nuzzle your face up next to mine for some quality snuggles. You love your daddy but I'm selfish enough to admit that you and I have that special bond thing going on and I don't care that you are always wanting me. My theory is that you're going to want your dad for most things in life so I'm going to steal these times while I can.
   We spend 99.9% of our time together. So much so that when someone takes you around the corner from where I am standing, I feel an elastic pulling me closer to you. I'm happiest when I'm around you because your joy and light are infectious. I can't get enough of you. Right now, I know you're sleeping and that you need that sleep to grow but I just want to pick you up and snuggle you because I miss you. You've only been asleep for an hour but I miss you. I know its crazy but you're that addicting.
   You truly are exceptional. I love you so much and can't wait to play in the sun and roll around in the grass with you. We're going to have so much fun together! I love love love you!

Always yours,



Anonymous March 8, 2011 at 10:09 PM  

Ok if I had to pick a picture I don't think I could cause one is cuter then the other. He is just so adorable and so photgentic. He is beautiful. I hear what your saying also when you wrote that letter to him. You take every moment you can cause before you know it they will be grown. He is a very lucky young man to have great parents as you two :-)


Shawna Stewart March 10, 2011 at 3:33 PM  

Love love love it all! He's getting to be such a handsome little man! I'm so happy to be able to read your blogs and see his pics since I don't get to see you all very often. Kisses! Shawna

clea April 15, 2011 at 12:25 AM  

I feel so lucky to have such a talented daughter in law who shares her most precious joy in life with us so that we can see him grow! Love you all!

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