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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Excitement!! and an update

It happened. It finally happened. I could hardly believe it. My excitement was beyond belief.


I had to resist the urge to run my barefoot butt down the street to flag him down. My inner child was let loose immediately. I found myself planning summers for years to come involving Cole and any future siblings. Days where we wait outside, chalk in hand, while we wait for that twinkling ragtime music to come rolling down our street. I love it!

I'm eagerly awaiting the date where I can dye Easter eggs without judging myself. My basement is buried in boxes right now or I'd already have my Easter decorations up. I'm ready to immerse my house in pastels and to revel in the fact that it is incontestably spring! Unfortunately, that has to be put off for a few days due to the freak snow that rolled in. I should have expected it. Two years ago, almost to the day, we got a freak snow. I remember this particularly because it was our wedding day. That snow almost ruined our get-away car plans. I'll delve into that story on my anniversary post.

Speaking of weddings, our event planning business has hit the ground running! We successfully pulled off our first wedding last weekend! It was amazing. Our bride was very Type-A so we thought it would be a breeze going into it. It just goes to show that, no matter how well you have planned it, it will inevitably go wrong in some way or another; much like a birth plan (I am still working on my birth story BTW...I will get it up here). There were so many mishaps that came up that she hadn't planned for. Enter Valerie and Debbie (my mom). We smoothed out so many situations and fixed problem after problem that weren't forseen by the bride. We were so good she never even knew anything went wrong. This particular event was a "day-of only event".  We weren't a part of the stuff leading up to it so we kinda go into it blind and have to wing it. We so did. It was a huge success!! Now I'm itching to dive into another event. I've got big plans for Cole's 1st bday party but that is still 3 months away. I want more! I'm addicted. I'm going through the boring details of starting a business. We're going to get our name figured out and registered and get some cards ordered. I'm still doing that same stuff for the photography business too. Its going so well. I'm getting a lot of calls and have several things booked. I've also donating a session for an upcoming high school booster fund-raiser. I'm really looking forward to that as my skills are perfect for senior portraits.

Cole is doing so great! I'll go into more details in his 9 month post on the 3rd. He is so cute though. He is about to cut his top left tooth. He is a bundle of energy and personality. He eats like crazy but he is still so lean. He's 3rd percentile for weight. I can touch my two middle fingers together and my two thumbs together around his ribs. He's that tiny. He's got plenty of pudge but he's a little bare over his ribs. I'm wanting to fatten this kid up a bit.

Anyway, I'm gonna go join him in la-la land. I've got a newborn shoot in the morning and my birthday party in the afternoon. Big day!! I can't wait to snuggle into little Rosie's neck and smell that newborn smell again. caught me. I'm already broody!



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