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Thursday, April 28, 2011

9 Months Old

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME MONTH!!! This has been so much fun. He is ridiculous. I can't wait to see what he becomes in life because he already oozes so much personality.

He had a growth spurt near the end of the month. I had him in a footless onesie and exactly one week later, it was an inch too short. I didn't change anything in my washing habits. He just grew that fast. I had to adjust all of the height settings on all of his standing toys. Speaking of standing, he stands. Still with a little bit of support but he is a standing man. He hasn't quite started crawling yet. He is obsessed with tummy time and became that way all on his own. I figured, he'd go when he was ready so I didn't push it too much. Now, he proved me right. He decided he wanted to start trying and is doing it. He gets the part where he has to dig his feet into the ground to propel himself forward but he must not have the inner thigh strength to get up onto those knees. He spends much of his time on his belly and spinning around like the bottle in an overcharged game of "spin the bottle".
He started saying "mama" where it obviously means me on the night of March 4th while I was getting him ready for bed. Oh how that made my heart gush. Words can't describe. Also, he has now mastered the kissing and hugging thing. The hugs came a few days before the kisses. They are few and far between but, man, are they good!! Oh, and those kisses... they're open mouthed and oh so delicious. He just opens his jaw and presses his lips against my mouth. Only myself and my dad have been so lucky so far though.

He has been sleeping in crib. I didn't want to say it out loud for fear of jinxing it but it has gone so smoothly that I'm venturing to say that, special circumstances notwithstanding, he is now officially in his big boy bed in his own room. We have a one and a half story and I just wasn't ready to put him on the upstairs floor by himself. I have the monitor with video so I am finally okay with it. A big part was that our heat didn't circulate upstairs very well so it was so cold during those winter months. Now its a bit warmer so we're doing it. I did a lot better than I thought I would. It doesn't hurt that I have been sleeping so much better without having to tip-toe around.

We've been having some issues moving him onto solids. We did the purees against my better judgement because people just kept showing up with bags of them. I had thought I would try a modified version of the baby led weaning method. We've tried avocados, bananas and even the thicker baby purees that he should safely have been eating for a while now. Without fail, he would throw them up. If not right away then within 5 minutes. We're talking violent throwing up too. Not just a little spit-up. I nurse him before I feed him anything else like is recommended for all babies under 12 months so when he throws up, he loses the milk and whatever else I've given him. We are backing off of trying for a bit. He is gaining weight but slowly. He is still quite low on the percentages but as long as his numbers are going up, we've decided not to freak out about it too much. Our doc agrees. Some babies just develop slower than others. He never has been too orally curious and just shows no interest in putting any food in his mouth either. He likes to smash and throw it but does not want to try it. Anything I put in his mouth causes him to gag so hard that he sometimes throws up everything before it even goes down the hatch. Poor thing. On the plus side, my breastmilk supply seems to be handing the pressure well. I am keeping up well. I was worried that kid would go hungry after he threw up everything he had taken from me but my supply responds quickly to demand. Good to know. I'm considering doing some pumping so I can stash up some. I'm anxious to do some dieting but don't want to do anything until he is weaned. Maybe I can cut a week or two off the end at that one year mark I'm trying to reach.
He is a lean baby. I can still, at 9.5 months fit his ribs within the circle of my hands if the tips of middle and thumbs are touching. He has some padding but not much. I think the majority of his weight is in his skull... I had a big head as a baby and Greg had a huge one. It makes sense. I can't even figure out how he holds it up on his tiny neck. You can sometimes see the tendons down the back of his neck straining to hold it in place.
He has the two bottom teeth firmly in place and he knows how to use them. He is usually pretty careful but, occasionally, he will start to doze off and wake himself up by chomping. Eeeekkk. No sign of the top teeth yet but the gums are a bit thicker than they were.
I admit I have been lax on keeping up with the cloth diapering. We do it most days but I use disposables over night and for a few changings every other day or so. He has been getting really red and has what looks like chemical burns. Also, his diapers, no matter how much I washed, rinsed or sun-dried them had a lingering odor. I finally figured out that the culprit was the type of detergent I was using. I just bought a CD detergent when I registered for the diapers and didn't do much research on the brands or reviews. Turns out the one I bought has the worst reputation out there. So, I ordered some new stuff and am excited to see how it pans out. I will be getting it in the mail soon. Until then, I'm gonna give my nostrils and the poor mans tushie a break.
I am realizing that Cole needs some socialization. He is with adults all of the time but babies are a whole nother story. He likes to watch them safely from a distance and only in my lap but if they yell/cry/scream, he puckers up and wails. Its getting so that I avoid functions where I know certain vocal babies we know will be there because Cole will spend the whole night balling. He's a big chicken. We're gonna have to fix that so at church, I did the brave thing and took him to the nursery. He handled it surprisingly well but only because I stayed with him. He sat near my legs and played with toys but got a little grabby with me whenever another baby came too close. Its a work in progress.
Its technically spring but mother nature hasn't gotten the memo yet. Its still a bit chilly. Despite the warm sweater needed, we have ventured out into the sunshine a few times. From March-ish to November, I always have a picnic blanket in my car. I saw a cute park the other day with a fountain and we just had to stop and enjoy it for a bit. There isn't much better than cuddling up on a blanket with your baby and picking out shapes in the clouds. Its was heavenly and I look forward to thousands more spontaneous adventures in the years to come.
Dear precious baby,

You are so delicious that I have to remind myself that you are not edible. Every tiny inch of you is so sweet I want to nibble. I spend our cuddle times drinking in the sweet, baby smell that I know won't be around much longer. I cherish the softness of your knees and the soles of your feet because I know, all too soon, that you will be off and running and they won't be the softest, tiny baby feet anymore. I'm soaking in every bit of you that I can before you change on me again. I do enjoy the changing and seeing what you turn into next but I am always loathe to loose the Cole of today. You are perfection. I never knew it could be like this. When I was a little girl cradling my doll, I never thought it possible that it would be so much better than I had dreamed. Playing with you, dressing you, loving on you, teaching you and sitting back to watch you grow is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. There are not enough hours in a day to love you. Every time you choose me my heart clenches tight in an effort to never let that transcendent joy go. We are a love for the ages. Keep up the smiles and growing because you are doing it perfectly! I love you to pieces, little one!



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