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Friday, April 22, 2011

I felt it...

This morning i felt it. That feeling of undeniable joy, wonder and uncomprehendable love. This feeling that defines being a mother that catches you by surprise when you've gotten yourself too caught up on the tasks of the day...or in my case, week. We have had a stressful and non-stop last two weeks full of photo shoots, out of town company, and sleepless nights; not to mention computer viruses and some killer cutting top teeth. But there i was, snuggled under my thickest white down comforter with this precious little happy boy and it whacked me in the face. I was listening to the torrential, severe thunderstorm raging outside our windows accompanied by the soft, patterned swallow of my tiny and suddenly, all of my lists went away. I just wanted to be there.
All day long, i am bombarded by theories and opinions on mothering and i'm sad to say that i am impressionable enough that i worry about way too many of them. I'm always reading about who did something a different way than i did and how well it turned out and i second guess my choices. Then i'm stuck with regret and guilt; two things i don't handle well. So i've made a decision. I'm not going to listen anymore. Ive deleted my subscription to at least 10 other blogs that support a different parenting style than my own. I've deleted the tabs that open when i run internet explorer that lead to the various mothering sites i check in on. I'm just gonna do me. I know what i am doing and i'm very confident in my my mom skills. Why do i cause myself to second guess my decisions because someone else swears by attachment parenting or someone else is berating me for not having him on a strick schedule. I'm a laid back person and i whole-heartedly believe my child inherited that trait. We're just going to continue to do what is best for us and show the world how right we are!!
Cool thing i did read though was that children form one of two skills and perfect it before moving onto the other; either motor skills or more along the cognitive type. Cole is totally door number two. While he rocks the army crawl/scoot, he is much more content talking (which he does non-stop), stacking/building/ problem solving type of puzzles or flipping the pages of a book. He is in no hurry to get anywhere but loves a good brain puzzle. And i am A OK with that. My little lawyer or doctor or astronaut is well on his way! Seriously, the other night he scooted his way over to his toy box and kept pointing and asking with his little Cole language so i got him situated and put the box on its side in front of him...but not before he generously laid some big, sloppy wet ones on me (i'm obsessed with the kissing phase). FOR TWO HOURS he sat there and one by one pulled each toy out, examined it closely for a minute--maybe pushed a button or two then put it in a neat stack next to him. He emptied the entire toy box in this manner. Then, when the last toy was precariously perched atop the pile, he reverse processed and put every single toy back in. After that, he shot me a giant grin and did the whole thing again. I SWEAR. It was so stinkin cute. He was just so content. Maybe that is perfectly average for 9 months old but i dont know. This momma was proud either way!!
I am furious with myself for not having his 9 month post up yet. I am so sorry and will catch up. I swear. The writing is done but I need to edit the photos and get em uploaded. Stupid computer virus.  Plus...the nursery is finally assembled so if these black rain clouds ever go away I can get enough good light to take a picture!!


clea April 28, 2011 at 11:51 PM  

Beautiful pictures as usual! You are such a beautiful family!

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