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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sorry excuses

I want to be a better blogger. Most of my mommy idols are fellow bloggers. They boast of the benefits to blogging. I want in.
I regretfully admit i'm not a very motivated person. I want to change that. I seem to have the same problem with blogging as i do in every other aspect of life right now. I'm stuck in the mud. I want to journal and document my life. What more colorful way is there to accomplish this than a blog? I promise to do better. If i put this out there, maybe i will stick to my guns. I don't even know if anyone cares to hear about my simple little life but future me will and u can sure as hell bet i'm gonna want to relive it with as much detail and visual aids as possible.
Blogland.....its on!!! You are my everest.
Tomorrow, after the dreaded grocery store run, i will sit my butt down and fix my virus riddled computer. Then, i will start on day one of the newly improved and motivated me!! Stay tuned....

And what is a post on this blog without some sugar? (P.s. i didnt mean to attach the second pic but im doing this on my new phone and am too tired to care. Not all pics can be perfect, right?)


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I'm a new wife and an even newer mom. I have a secret dream to be super-mom. I love to craft, cook, dance and fill my life with as many adventures as possible. I'm slightly crunchy granola but enjoy a good steak. I'm right brained and type B (with some type A tendencies). I thrive best when I get to use my creative juices. I dabble in photography and party planning. I play piano and have a dream to learn the cello. I want to make the most of this one, short life I find myself living.

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This blog was originally intended to be a personal journal of my pregnancy journey and all that that entails--shared with only a few close family members. It was a way for me to keep them posted on all things baby and occasionally post a picture of my growing torso so they could see the progress. After several posts, I started to get hooked on other blogs and became motivated to attempt to do more with mine. We'll see how it goes....

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