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Monday, June 27, 2011


I used to love spontaneous adventures. The time in between each was spent looking out for the next one. Now, they are few and far between. With having to plan for naptimes, meal times and diaper changes, not to mention freak, spring storms and blistering heat, we never seem to do the fun things we used to jump up and do.
Last night, we proved we've still got it. After a long day of Father's Day Weekend preparations out and about, we spotted a carnival and couldn't resist. We quickly did the math to make sure the dog's eyeballs weren't floating, to make sure we had enough food for Cole and to be positive it wouldn't coincide with a much needed nap. We decided to risk it and one giant u-turn later, we were on the right track.
It was a blast! One of the best times I've had in a long time and the perfect way to start off Greg's first Father's Day. The overnight storms had produced the slickest mud but the coolest breeze... a fair trade, I'd say.
Just Greg, Cole and myself making taking a rare opportunity and seizing the day. We had no stroller. I had no way to carry just one diaper and a sippy cup without hauling the gigantic diaper bag with us. We had to park crazy far away. But, we figured it all out and dove in.
We ate a dinner of gyro's (don't ask me what is in them because I was too starving to think twice) and water. It was quite perfect if you ask me and I really do want to know what was in it because I totally want to recreate it sometime.

We walked around, snapped pictures and blew Cole's mind with the lights and gigantic, death-defying rides. His eyes were glued to the 3 story swings. He was rubber-necking every where we walked.
And, of course, every good carnival deserves a delicious sweet you wouldn't normally have. We opted out of our usual funnel cake and were disappointed to find they had no cotton candy. Don't worry. We discovered a stand that made "hand-churned, home-made ice cream". Probably the best risk we ever took. It was! Greg tried some maple type of ice cream while I dominated some cookies'n'cream (no mint chip....). As you can see, Cole made the most of our lack of stroller and used his proximity to his advantage.

After a smile-filled car ride home, we washed the mud off our feet and Cole and I jumped into a late night bath to top the evening off perfectly.


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