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Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 years of wonderful

So there I was thinking we were going to cuddle up and watch a movie after a special date to the Melting Pot for our 4 year dating anniversary. I took the dogs for a little walk after dinner while he made a few "business calls". I come back to the whole house lit with candles and the sweetest man waiting to ask me a very special question. Obviously, I said yes and we immersed ourselves in planning the perfect day.

 Now, 3 years from that beautiful wedding day where we experienced a surprise blizzard, I'm happier than I could ever have imagined. We have a lot to show for ourselves and even more wonderfulness planned. Great things have come from this marriage, not the least of which is our perfect son. There aren't really words to express what I'm feeling right now without sapping the life out of you so I'll just post a few memories I'm dwelling on today.

(he was nervous about the garter toss so I surprised him with ridiculously purple shoes to take the focus off of him. He barely noticed he was so nervous)

Venue: Jewel Box in Forest Park
Photography: Ben Smith and Brad Heinze
Florist: River City Florist
Dress: La Sposa
1969 Chevelle getaway car: Our first baby!!!!!!!
Wedding Cake: McArthur's Bakery
7 piece band: Rhythm of the Night
Toasting flutes: Things Remembered

And a quickie of perfection for the road:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Head shot poll

So I have been crazy busy with getting my TWO businesses up and running in addition to starting a new full-time desk job. But, things are going extremely well. A local business with a wedding vendor newsletter (widely circulated) has asked to feature me as an up-and-coming business and put me as their sole wedding planning vendor!!!!! It is an amazing opportunity and I am truly blessed! I'm currently planning/coordinating 3 weddings and have 3 to photograph on the books. Additionally, I donated some photos of a school event to the school for their year book and was just told they're giving me a free page for an ad! So, I'm scrambling to get my business artwork together. Both features need a head shot in addition to other examples of what we have done. So, my most amazing and talented friend, Olivia Wells, snapped a few photos of me in my back yard the other night. The following are the options for the head shots. After that are just a few fun ones. I didn't know I had any green in my eyes until I saw proof for myself. I never liked my eyes because of the boring brown. Now, they're not so boring to me.

 Anyway, let me know which numbers you think would be best for a business profile ad.




And these are the fun ones that aren't for the business profile but were fun to do some creative editing. (Olivia edited a few too)

Please give any opinions you have because I'm both new to this business thing and I HATE pictures of myself. I can't make this call. Thanks!

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