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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Head shot poll

So I have been crazy busy with getting my TWO businesses up and running in addition to starting a new full-time desk job. But, things are going extremely well. A local business with a wedding vendor newsletter (widely circulated) has asked to feature me as an up-and-coming business and put me as their sole wedding planning vendor!!!!! It is an amazing opportunity and I am truly blessed! I'm currently planning/coordinating 3 weddings and have 3 to photograph on the books. Additionally, I donated some photos of a school event to the school for their year book and was just told they're giving me a free page for an ad! So, I'm scrambling to get my business artwork together. Both features need a head shot in addition to other examples of what we have done. So, my most amazing and talented friend, Olivia Wells, snapped a few photos of me in my back yard the other night. The following are the options for the head shots. After that are just a few fun ones. I didn't know I had any green in my eyes until I saw proof for myself. I never liked my eyes because of the boring brown. Now, they're not so boring to me.

 Anyway, let me know which numbers you think would be best for a business profile ad.




And these are the fun ones that aren't for the business profile but were fun to do some creative editing. (Olivia edited a few too)

Please give any opinions you have because I'm both new to this business thing and I HATE pictures of myself. I can't make this call. Thanks!

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