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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Steve & Aurora ~ engaged!!

Steve and Aurora have blessed me so much by giving me the opportunity to follow their wedding from start to finish! I have loved meeting them and had the best time playing in the park with them where I just happened to have a camera. It felt so natural and fun. I can't wait for their wedding in June so look forward to seeing more of these fantastic mugs in a few months!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Aviya C. ~ 1 year old

I've had the wonderful pleasure of photographing this buoyantly happy baby since her newborn session. I am so flattered by return clients and these ones have been very good to me. Little Aviya turned one so it was time for a visit and a photo update on her beautiful life and journey. Thank you Celiscia and Thomas for trusting me to capture your amazing little girl! You are doing an amazing job raising that bundle of perfection!

Checking in....

So life is fabulous! Busy and fulfilling. I'm doing things that make me feel proud of myself at the end of the day so I will take the chaos.

Planning several weddings this summer. Photographing out the wazzoo and holding down a full-time HR/Payroll job. Not to mention that whole mom job that is easily the best and most fulfilling of them all.

I just finished editing a toddler session from this morning, played with my family outside, getting ready to fix dinner then I'm going to spend the evening decorating wine glasses for the out-of-town guests for my June wedding (they're for the thank you baskets in the hotel rooms). Tomorrow I have an engagement session I am so excited about and am taking a night to just be. To be happy. To be relaxed. To be with my family. I'm highly looking forward to it but am content with the crazy in between because my work is so rewarding.

I have made enough in photography profits so far this spring that I was finally able to afford a better camera body. That's right! I'm the proud owner of a Canon 7D!!!!! I thought about saving for the Canon mark 5 but after looking at the stats and the features, I preferred the 7D five times over...just a perk it was a couple grand cheaper!The 7D does HD video and I swear I could see movies of this quality on TV. I am elated with  my decision and have taken tons of photos/videos for only having it for 3 days.

I have food to make, family to love and glasses to paint so I'll toss a few photos up from playing in the yard with Greg and Cole just now. Thanks friends and family for your amazing support on my journey to finding out what I want to do with myself. I'm extremely happy!!!

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