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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Heidi Jean ~ the 4th month

Heidi Jean - 4 months old

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Heidi didn't change much this month except physically. I haven't taken her for her 4 month appointment yet so I don't know how much she's grown but she is starting to outgrow some of her 3 month clothes and into her 6 month clothes. She needs 6 month for the length and needs it for sure if she's in cloth diapers. 
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This month I...
Met Santa
Had first Christmas
Went on my first girl's shopping day
Got strong enough to hold my own head up in the sitting position
Laughed a lot!!
Slept 3 hours at night for the longest stretch :(

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She is still battling colic much of the time but I'm starting to get chunks in the day where she is perfectly happy and content with anything. There are still horrible days where I swear I wasn't meant to have kids but I think any mom, no matter how stellar, would feel that way when someone is screaming at you non-stop  for days on end, won't nurse, won't sleep and even being held doesn't help her. But, like I said, its starting to turn for the better! I don't want to wish away her newborn stage at all but I'm really happy she is hitting that 5ish month milestone where colic tends to go away. 
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She is such a dainty, sweet little girl. Her eyes are still blue!! 
 photo IMG_0096edits.jpg
She is starting to love her daddy visibly now. She lights up when he gives her attention. 
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She LOVED her first snow! There are several more pictures at the end of her giggling in it. 
 photo Favs6.jpg
 photo forall2.jpg
She is starting to love tummy-time now that she can hold her melon better. I really wouldn't be surprised if she sits up on her own soon. Even tonight I looked over and she was almost completely sitting up on her own in her vibrating bouncy seat. Girl has some serious ab strength. Because she is so colicky still so much, she is held/walked/rocked/nursed the majority of the time for comfort so she doesn't spend much time on the floor. If she did, I'm sure she would be rolling all around the place by now. 
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I'm wondering here at the end of this last month if Heidi is teething. She is a drooling monster, spikes a fever every once in a while and can't keep her fingers out of her mouth. She isn't sucking on them either; she is gnawing on them. She'll also pull the blanket into her mouth to chew on too. She got her amber teething necklace a few days ago for Christmas and I do think I'm noticing a difference in her discomfort level. Its a little early to swear by it or anything. Its only been a few days. Here's hopin'!
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Dear Heidi, 

You're incredible/amazing/perfect. That pretty much sums up everything I want to say. ...Except, I will say this. Our relation is so much more of a blessing than anything I ever even knew to wish for. The way you light up when you see me clenches my heart every time with wonder and joyful emotion. You are truly an amazing gift from God and I'm the luckiest girl in the world that you're mine! Thank you for loving me back!


And because our girl is so blessed, she had entirely too many Christmas outfits to fit into the one holiday. Here is a pic of each!
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Heidi Jean ~ the 3rd month

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She loves all things me (except when she's on another nursing strike). She loves to hold my fingers while she's nursing or sleeping. Its really the only way I can get her to sleep. She does like the NUK pacifiers but it falls out a lot. I'm not sure if the tongue tie gave her a delayed ability to be able to hold onto something like that. She seems to struggle with it quite a bit. We'll get there. 
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I'm trying to do more tummy time. I was always bad at that with Cole because I never wanted to put him down. Its the same with her but I do have to put her down to help care for Cole now and then. She isn't so hot on the tummy time. She'll stay there for a minute or two while I try to run around like a mad woman getting things done. She really isn't happy anywhere long except at the breast. If I try to put it away, she gets mad. She uses it as a pillow during the night and will sleep longest that way. If I put it away, she'll lay against my shirt for a short time then wake up and yell at me. Sleep is still extremely scarce. She nurses anywhere from every 45 minutes to every 3 hours (at most). She has only slept 3 hours just a few times but they feel like 10 hours to me compared to the shorter stints. 
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Since she was just a few weeks old, I've just pulled her in the bathtub with me. She hated the sink method (so did Cole) and I had great success with big brother in the big tub. They're so slippery and they love the water if they have the security of me in there with them. She'll lay in there and splash for more than an hour. When we're done, I get her all dressed and to sleep then I hop in the shower (in case you were wondering about the tiny bladder control at her age). 
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Loving the blue eyes. Still waiting to see if she'll keep them. 
 photo forall11.jpg

I'm having a lot of fun with the headbands. She doesn't have any hair to hold in barrettes so headbands it is. I've got a wishlist on Etsy that has hundreds of headbands. I'm addicted. 
 photo forall8.jpg
 photo forall7.jpg
She does love her daddy but from afar. She is generally attached to me non-stop. There have been those sad nursing strikes where she'll go several hours and won't nurse. She'll simply yell at me and jerk away if I try to feed her. After a few hours, she gets really hungry but still won't nurse. Those are the times where Greg has been a God-send. I don't handle her screaming well when there is nothing I can do to help. Its brought me to tears a few times and he's been so good to take her and walk her for a while. Luckily, its only happened a few times but they are vivid in my memory.
 photo IMG_0107.jpg
I tried to duplicate the above photo from one of the ones I got in the hospital when Cole was born. It was pretty close except she was 2 months instead of 2 days like Cole was. And she has clothes on while he was naked. Its still close enough and makes me happy. Its what I get for procrastinating. 
 photo forall1.jpg
 photo IMG_0137edits.jpg
 photo forall6.jpg
 photo IMG_0161edits.jpg
Love my sweet, sleeping baby in my arms. 
 photo IMG_01222edits.jpg
Love watching her sleep next to me. She makes the sweetest sounds...and sometimes snores like a freight train. 
 photo forall4.jpg
Both kids stayed with Greg's mom for a few hours this month two different times. I had an on-location photoshoot and then Greg and I stole away for a movie. She did great both times. I'm so proud of my kids. Although, she seems to do well with anyone that doesn't smell like her breastmilk. If she smells the milk, she immediately wants it. Something all of us breastfeeding moms know all to well. But that's ok. Its so worth it. 
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She loved all of the attention at Thanksgiving. We had 6 of them in 1 week. We were all pretty sleepy by the end but I loved showing my new baby off! Cole, as always, was a smash!
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My sweet girl,

I love you so much. I'm glad that from this point forward, colic will be moving its way out because it does cut in on our fun time. You seem so unhappy but I know its short and will be over soon. I love taking care of you. You respond so sweetly to me that its not work for me to do everything you need. I love being the one you need. I'm aware it won't always be that way so I'm enjoying my selfish time with you. 
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Monday, November 25, 2013

baby Blake ~ newborn

Get a load of this sweet little face!!!
Welcome to the world Blake Allan. You are wanted, loved and blessed!

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