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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

39 weeks with baby #2

 **I will have to add the belly picture later as our computer is down**

**Also, due to simplicity, I'm just pasting my notes instead of the usual format. :)

3 days of false labor contracting no more than 10 minutes apart at any point. False in the sense that they aren't progressing me much but not false in the "OH DEAR GOD, SOMEONE LIT MT TORSO ON FIRE" kind of way.
Occasional sharp twinges in cervical area.
Urge to clean and nest but pain/exhaustion winning out.
Thank GOD for tylenol pm!!
Packed by the back door with phones, ipod and camera charged fully at each second.
Not hungry. Didn't eat dinner last night and woke up not hungry. Not sure if that is a sign.
Mucus plug and bloody whatever...gone.
3-4 cm dilated
70% effaced
-1 station
very low and engaged
bottom to the right of my belly button with feet firmly planted in left side....praying she gets into good position when labor starts. Babies that start from this side have a higher instance of going sunny-side up.
She is wriggling away in there so not sure how far off labor is.
Everything that I will regret not having ready is ready.
I have ingredients for lactation cookies in pantry. Sweet treats for nurses and us are made and packed. Made gobs of chocolate covered pretzels and banana bread last night to go with the chocolate covered almonds.
Mel and mom are sleeping with their cell phones on loud every night (or not sleeping by the sound of it...we're all excited!).
I go to sleep showered and blow-dried every night.
House is clean and all baby gear is set up and ready to receive baby girl.
Greg put in pumpkin seat but I think I'm going to go by a fire station because it's very wobbly.
Big brother is packed and excited for a night with Nana Clea. He is such an agreeable and happy little boy.
I gained 8lbs total in this pregnancy so far. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

37 weeks with baby #2

**Will add in picture later due to our computer being down.**

Laying in bed feeling anxious and panicky. Had the most irritable day of my life. I've never noticed irritability but I was on the verge of loosing it several times today. I've only ever felt that way a couple of times in my entire life.
10 plus weeks of contractions ad modified bedrest are probably wearing me down. Lost at least a chunk of mucus plug today. Greg is out of town til 2moro nite. Pretty steady contractions and I'm just so done with this that I'm fine if she wants to come tonight. I've earned the right to be selfish. Going on 3 weeks of spd pain. So tired. Peeing constantly and her head is so low that I usually only pee a little. Diarrhea instead of solids. I'm so irritable I almost just threw my phone cuz I typed the wrong letter twice in a row. Beyond rational irritability. I am just so done. She was in perfect position with butt on the left of my bellybutton earlier in the week, switched to butt on right for a few days and just flipped back to left an hour ago so something to be thankful for. At my appt 4 full days ago I was a "solid" 2cm dilated, 50% effaced, her head was completely engaged, cervix was "very soft" and her head is very low and engaged!! I was encouraged but realistic because I was only 37 weeks. Since then I've gone back and forth on the hopeful scale. Id love her to arrive any second now. I'm sure I might miss being pregnant someday but I can't see it from here. Id regret not getting to snap a few prego family photos but even then id happily give that up right now to get outta this.  I adore my son and am trying to focus on/enjoy this time with him but I was an awful mother today and couldn't control it. I had to walk away from him several times today to not loose it.
Dear God,
Ur plans rock but if this taking much longer doesn't have a super important divine purpose, please help me out!!

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