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Monday, October 28, 2013

Heidi Jean ~ the second month

Heidi Jean - the second month
the second month - Heidi photo toedit13.jpg
the second month - Heidi photo toedit14.jpg
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Praying she keeps her beautiful blue eyes but I won't be surprised if they change. Brown is dominant. I've done well with brown eyes so either way, she'll be my gorgeous girl. 
the second month - Heidi photo toedit12.jpg

She is battling colic something fierce. But, we will get through it. I'm lucky enough to get to be by her side 24/7 so we're just nursing around the clock. On the plus side, my milk production is doing fabulously this time around!
the second month - Heidi photo toedit7.jpg
This month, we discovered that Gerber has a brand of colic drops that contain probiotics. I can now eat most dairy without any consequences for her!! (She is cheering with me in the photo above)
the second month - Heidi photo toedit1.jpg
She sleeps in bed with me. Greg and Cole exiled themselves to Cole's queen sized bed upstairs. The frequent crying was keeping them up. I don't mind. She sleeps attached part of the time (which I try desperately not to doze off but fail sometimes) and she sleeps in a co-sleeper in Greg's spot the rest of the time. I don't swaddle her because it seemed to just make her more angry. I tried every swaddler under the sun but its just not for her. She doesn't startle herself awake so I don't think that is our problem. Sleep is extremely scarce around here. I had the adrenaline last month so I did much better. Its starting to catch up to me though. I'm trying to remind myself that those sweet quiet moments won't last forever so I'm trying to soak up each one. I love the sounds she makes while she nurses at night. She sighs so sweetly and breathes so softly. And I love to just smell her breath after she's asleep. It smells like pure sugar. Hope that's not weird. If you're a mom, you know how amazing those baby smells are. :) 

Cole was to the right of this frame and she seriously looked like she was going to deck him. 
the second month - Heidi photo toedit5.jpg
This picture doesn't properly show it but she does my half-grin and she has tons of dimples!
the second month - Heidi photo toedit10.jpg
Sneeze face
the second month - Heidi photo IMG_00514.jpg
She is the most smiley thing! There is a sweet soul in there in wonder at the world around her. I hope she finds amusement in the simple things because that is a feature I'm grateful for in myself. There is never a dull moment. 
the second month - Heidi photo IMG_01723.jpg
the second month - Heidi photo IMG_01732.jpg
We had to give you your first bottle since you decided nursing strikes were more fun than actual nursing. I think its trauma from having your tongue tie fixed last month. Who can blame you. We'll get through it. 
the second month - Heidi photo IMG_01852.jpg

My darling girl, 

You are so brave and good to us. As two month olds go, you're the sweetest! You make me so happy I could burst. I am so happy to have a little girl in my life to share everything with. There is so much to being a woman in our world and I can't wait to teach you all of the fun things. We're going to have so much fun growing up together!! We already are. I love you so much. You smell like sugar and all things sweet. You're cuddly beyond description. You're my amazing little angel!

Love forever, 
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the second month - Heidi photo IMG_0443.jpg


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